Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility


When it comes to an almost perfect compatibility in love, a cancer man and a cancer woman, as partners, will top the list. Both water signs, these two are calm yet have mood swings, cautious yet devoted and in need for comfort and security. Since these two individuals are both sensitive and committed once they are in a relationship, they complement each other and enjoy each others’ company. Just how are a cancer man and woman as lovers?

Cancer Man and Woman

The Cancer man is stable and sophisticated while the cancer woman is a homemaker and caring. A woman with this zodiac sign can have changing moods and insecurities at times. These make her a great lover for a man of the same zodiac sign since they both have what each other needs. He provides the security she longs for while she appreciates his romantic side.

The man is a determined person who wants to succeed in life and money is significant in his life. Although he can play around at times, once he becomes serious in a relationship, he can be a loving and caring lover. The Cancer woman, on the other hand, is sweet but is also sensitive. She can be possessive with the person she loves and she does not take criticisms and rejections well.

Being in love with a Cancer man, a Cancer woman finds a partner willing to accept her with all her sentiments and insecurities since both of them are sentimental and sensitive. Both seek for security and love from their partners. As for the woman, she sometimes can linger over trivial things and be eaten up by her insecurities but she can be pleased easily. Once she feels that she is well-loved and important, she becomes a happy person and pleasing to be with.

Sexual Compatibility

These two people have an exciting and romantic kind of relationship. Both love to show affection whenever and wherever they want to. In their intimate moments, the Cancer man gives his partner the attention and security she yearns for while the Cancer woman will do anything to make the experience sensual and special that he gladly welcomes. They share an emotional bond that goes beyond physical intimacy that even after lovemaking, they enjoy each other’s company and just relax in each other’s arms. When these two people decide to commit, they can both sustain a long-term commitment and will do anything to keep it that way.

On Arguments

If there is one setback to couples with Cancer zodiac signs is their being emotional that can get the best of them at times. A Cancer woman can be emotional and insecure, on top of her mood swings, in that she can just start an argument or blurt out doubts and insecurities about their relationship with even the simplest things. Worse, a Cancer woman does not heed when it comes to arguments.

Since both often shut off and simply retreat into themselves, it becomes hard to resolve their issues. The other might end up over-analyzing the situation while the partner couldn’t control the nagging thoughts inside. Consequently, the misunderstanding might prolong because no one wants to admit the fault.

Cancer is a water sign that denotes calmness, peace and harmony. These are what a Cancer man and a woman look for in relationships. If a man and a woman with this zodiac sign meet and become a couple, expect a loving and long-term relationship between the two.

-Flow Psychology Editor