Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility


Cancer and Sagittarius are Water and Fire signs, respectively. That said, theirs is a combination that warrants hard work because they oppose each other. However, two people with these signs can get in a relationship and fall in love and both need to compromise on numerous things to make their relationship work and it can. But are they compatible with each other?

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman

A man with the Cancer zodiac sign is sophisticated, calm, subtle, compassionate in nature, and loves to stay at home. Conversely, a woman who is a Sagittarian is carefree, outgoing and loves to travel. These differences are the very same things that can bring these two together. While a Cancer man is a true gentleman and cautious, a Sagittarius woman speaks her heart out and is independent.

A Sagittarius woman is an archer and a fire sign. She is always on the go and does not enjoy being dormant. The Cancer man, on the other hand, would rather have a subdued and comfortable life. He is gentle and sensitive. She can be naughty and passionate. While he rationalizes and thinks before he acts, she is spontaneous and will jump on every whim.

When it comes to expressing his feelings, a Cancer man is romantic and shows his affection by being romantic. A Sagittarian lover can make the relationship more exciting and fun. Between the two, the man is the generous lover while his partner can inject some adventure in their relationship. As a couple, they can work together and have a healthy and loving, serious relationship. He will be the one to keep the family together by offering comfort and security and she will be welcoming of the serenity and kind of life they can share together.

Sexual Compatibility

When it comes to intimacy, the fire and water signs bring passion and sensuality in the relationship. The Sagittarian woman is so passionate, a trait that her man loves about her. She, on the other hand, appreciates his gentleness and sensitivity when it comes to consummating their love.

On Arguments

Since the Sagittarius woman is outspoken in nature and loves freedom, the Cancer man needs to learn to let her go out and not confine her in a box, so to speak. If not, she will get bored. If he does not allow this, arguments can arise. So long as he lets her be who she is and not be dictated on. During misunderstandings, the Cancer man is the one who will have to make a lot of adjustments while the Sagittarius woman needs to learn to understand the mood swings of her partner.

Being the level-headed person in a relationship, the Cancer man shows the Sagittarius woman the right path. However, the outgoing nature and exuberance of a Sagittarian can make her partner anxious that this can turn into heated arguments. But if she realizes what she has done and apologizes, he will forgive and becomes the happy and funny person that he is.

The combination of the fire and water signs can be confusing but if a Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman decide to commit in a relationship and be together, theirs is a partnership that is both warm and peaceful. If and when they decide to love each other, they can enjoy a happy and satisfying relationship.

-Flow Psychology Editor