Cancer Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility


The relationship of Virgo and Cancer offers one of the strongest themes that is nurture and care. In fact, this match has been considered a better combination of Earth and Water. Both of them seek dependability and security in a relationship. This is because of their ability to deliver things upon each other in which their relationship goes on usually well.

If you want to know more about their compatible characteristics, here is a list that should describe both their traits.

1. Caring, Loving, and Practical

A male Virgo is naturally dutiful in his dealings with his loved ones including those who needs him the most. However, he is not fond of living a fairy tale romance because he is a practical person. In terms of romance, it is always rather the quality not the quantity. Although he can adjust well to a partnership concept, he still needs personal space to focus more on his goals. If he gets into a relationship with a female Cancer, he is the kind of lover that she can always count on to have stable feelings.

2. Humble, Emotional and Quality Companion

She has an impressive way of handling people with her charisma, but humble enough to show support to those in distress. Her qualities of being imaginative and emotional get really well with her modesty. However, she can sometimes cause distress if her partner is not able to handle her properly. Moreover, she can make sacrifices for her loved ones. That is why she can be a quality companion for a Virgo man in all dealings in life.

3. Emotional and Touching Experience

A Virgo male and Cancer female usually have strong emotional involvement including a touching experience in many dimensions. Thus, he appreciates her closeness and empathy that she has given for a long time. At the same time, she is able to stimulate his imagination while she stirs his mind of promises she likes to keep. More so, she has the ability to cheer him up by way of her loving sense of humor as well as her decent taste.

4. Understanding, Stable and Loyal

The male subject has the ability to make his mate feel that she will not be left alone or ignored. It is his nature to look after her and understand in order to make the relationship polished and rust-free. Also, his practicality will keep her out of trouble and keep her safe in his watch. Despite not being so romantic, he is still able to make her comfy with his loyalty and stability.

5. Physical Intimacy and Tranquility

Their combination when it comes to lovemaking can produce a blend of absorbing and deep union. When the emotional female blends with the tranquil male they produce a physical intimacy that is a peaceful consummation of longingness for the both of them.

The relationship of a Cancer woman and Virgo man should gain an excellent love compatibility because they are friendly enough to cope with their differences. Staying friendly is how most couples survive if they can’t cope with the odds of a relationship.

-Flow Psychology Editor