Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility


Are you wondering about your love compatibility with your partner? Do you have what it takes to make your relationship work through the years of being with each other? Are you aware of your potential when you ought to meet your match? Well, here are some of the reasons behind the relationship success of a Capricorn man and Aquarius woman.

Basically, Aquarius and Capricorn represent air and earth accordingly. So they have the possibility to have an uncommon combination leaving little room for sharing their attitude and habit. A list of characteristics about your atypical Aquarius and Capricorn couple is presented below.

1. Ambitious, Structured, Traditional Lover

The great ambitions in life of this male Capricorn allow him to pursue his goals rather fiercely. He is a believer of self-discipline and permanence. So this person has determination which he reinforces with tremendous amount of patience. However, he has the tendency to fail in handling change. Although he is structured enough and follows his routines, he becomes bothered when his routines are changed. The good thing though is his ability to overlook the negative qualities of a woman being a traditional lover.

2. Intuitive, Flexible, Detached

She is often isolated from the rest but she is flexible and able to adapt in many situations. Also, she is very intuitive but sometimes a scary psychic. It is also not in her best interest to pay attention to detail in which she only listens to her own self. So if the male subject will try to lie or withhold information, it should be a disaster. As a result, many instances have people been caught off guard as they thought she was only living in a dream world.

3. Opposites Definitely Attract

Accordingly, the Aquarius female and the Capricorn male are different from as they both have little in common. Thus, this is what makes them attract to each other. The male subject may like a traditional female, but upon considering a great wisdom in her will make him admire her for that. He also feels her sweet submission in love making him feel a more complete person. If an Aquarius woman will be in love with a Capricorn man, it will encourage her to cherish his family while presenting her arguments rather calmly and suggestively.

4. Financial Security

Both parties enjoy being financially secured. So he tends to protect and care for his mate while providing her with financial security as well. Meanwhile, if an Aquarius lady would get her wants, she has a tendency to be happy with him. One important point is that she can tolerate the moody direction of the Capricorn man, while making him feel comfy even in worst situations.

In order for the relationship of both parties to work, the Capricorn man and Aquarius lady should invest a huge amount of effort. This is because both of them would suffer from many differences that should be difficult to cope with. Likewise, if the Capricorn man should want to keep a relationship, he must be able respect the Aquarius woman, while she must also learn to adjust to his moody behavior.

-Flow Psychology Editor