Coping With Compassion Fatigue


There are instances that as human it is natural to have the feeling of being sympathetic. However, too much of this can also have bad effects. You can categorize this feeling under compassion fatigue. It refers to the continuous decrease of compassion over a period of time. Normally, it happens most to those who have direct communication with the victims of traumatic emotions. They are psychologists, nurses, doctors, caregivers, and the first respondents. It is the manner of being stress, hopeless, displeasure, persistent anxiety, lack of sleep and frequent bad dreams. They are also being unnecessary in attitude. It is very alarming because it dos not only affect one’s own life but also the output of their work, the incapacity to concentrate and uncertainty.

It is important that if you know a person with this situation or even you are should learn some of the remedies on dealing and coping with compassion fatigue. There are issues saying that one reason of prevalent compassion fatigue in the public is through terrible, oppressive and tragic images in the different news articles being sold outside. These instances may trigger the pessimistic attitudes of anyone.

Best Strategies for Compassion Fatigue

1. Change your plan on caring yourself-it covers the changes in your way of living. If you are suffering from this kind of ailment, you have to restart your life including daily routines.

2. Spend more time alone-it is best possible if you are alone in a peaceful place. It also comprises the act of meditation. This can lead you to have a strong force of spiritual power that will help you to easily reach your innermost energy that can give you peace of mind.

3. Get closer with your family-it will be helpful to have a constant talk with any member of your family. Other than your friends, your family can give you the most support that you need.

4. Daily exercise-doing this activity will help you to activate and energize your physical as well as your mental aspects. In this case, you will be more prolific with your work.

5. Get into have the sense of humor-people with demanding works tend to feel different stress. Therefore, it will help them to accommodate humorous jokes on coping with compassion fatigue. The more you are filled with happy thoughts you will be more positive in life.

6. Set aside your work from your personal activities-if you have boundaries between your work and your personal doings, you can easily deal with other stressors.

7. Widen your network system-it could be one best strategy on coping with compassion fatigue. It means that you have to open yourself of engaging in the different meaningful professional organizations. The more you socialized with professionals the more you will be inspired.

Coping with compassion fatigue is not really a joke thing that you have to take because it seems to be one of the serious problems that any one may encounter. Therefore, if you already see yourself being into this situation, it is better for you to start on thinking possible actions to deal with this compassion fatigue. Remember that there are no other best people who can cure you other than yours.

-Flow Psychology Editor