Coping with Passive Aggressive Husband


People are uniquely different from one another, there are some who possess such personality that others don’t. Their attitude may vary according to their past, experiences, influences, environment and many others. It can be positive or negative. One of the most possessed is the passive aggressive behavior. This is the inability of a person of expressing their feeling or anger in a nicer or healthier way. But as a person who deals with this type of person everyday you may feel lack of patience.

In your life, you may meet people that possess this behavior; it can be from your family, friends or even spouse. But, what if your husband has it? How are you going to deal with it? What are the symptoms that their suffering passive aggressive personality? Can this be cured? Do they need professional help? These were only few of the questions that runs through your mind, well, you do not have to feel devastated over this matter. Do not make this as a measure of leaving him because he eventually needed your help and support.

Signs of Passive Aggressive Behavior

1. Blaming other people.
2. Acting sullen.
3. Purposely being inefficient.
4. Claiming to be forgetful to avoid responsibility.
5. Keeps on complaining.
6. Feeling of resentment.
7. Shows fear over authority.
8. Having unexpressed hostility and anger.
9. Procrastinating.
10. Resisting suggestions from others.
11. Exaggerating life’s misfortune.
12. Sabotaging other people’s effort.
13. Persistent pessimism.
14. Making excuses or avoiding socializing with others and work.

As a wife, you will be facing though challenges to be able to cope and aid him from this behavior. You needed countless patience dealing with him. You may consider hiring therapist, but make sure that the therapist you will get is knowledgeable enough and does have positive past dealing with passive aggressive behavior. Make sure to make yourself well knowledgeable about the situation, conduct research so that even at home while the therapist is away you cab able to aid your husband’s situation.

As mentioned above, this will test your love and patience over your husband’s incapacity. It’s normal to feel frustrated over things especially when he left you standing while talking about his negative behavior. You need to understand that they do not have the ability to understand confrontations. This will make them feel that you do not have anything positive to say. Well, avoiding the situation or making them not aware and keeping the feeling yourself, this will not help him.

Tips for Handling a Passive Aggressive Husband

1. Since they will show dishonesty, it’s very vital to confront them about it. If you not to, this will only makes the situation even worst. Confront him directly and let him know that you’re confused of the behavior. Surely if they treasure your relationship, he will stop this behavior.

2. You must not allow yourself to feel guilty. You’re not the reason why he suffers from this behavior. If makes you feel this way, do not think about it because it’s him who done it to himself.

3. Your husband surely does not know how to deal or respond appropriately to problems and conflicts, he will deny everything. Make sure to refuse playing this type of game. You need to express anger and concern but stick on the fact how his action makes you feel.

4. Do not let their bad behavior get away. Try crating atmosphere that he will feel comfortable of sharing his feelings of fear, resentment, failure, sadness and anger. This will help him open up to you and eventually change.

-Flow Psychology Editor