Coping with Terrible Twos


Parenting is considered as the hardiest but most rewarding job in the world. Most parents find more stressful and even harder to fulfill when their children are already 2 years old. In fact, terrible twos have become a pop-parenting phenomenon. Due to the problems associated with raising 3-year-olds, more and more parents are already finding ways for coping with terrible twos.

The term Terrible Twos was coined in the 1950′s due to the too much pressure put on families to be perfect that parents freaked out when their children grew out of compliant infancy. Although seeing you child turns 2, this is also the time when the word “No” dominates his vocabulary. He is also learning to develop his independence that even the most laid back parents experience a stab of his for his actions.

Coping with terrible twos involve determining the common characteristics of two-year-olds. This will enable you to identify with the changes that you need to do as well as the improvements that you need to conduct in order to cope up with your fast growing child. Basically, 2-year-old children are…

• Moody: Most children of this age are cranky that parents are having difficulty determine what they really need whenever they throw a tantrum.

• Have Flawed Reasoning: Calming down a sobbing two-year-old is hard especially if you have no idea what’s upsetting him. Although they can already talk to express their feelings, there reasoning sometimes still need for a code breaker.

• Opinionated: Two-year-olds express their opinions without self-consciousness. They don’t care how and where they deliver them.

Ways of Coping With Terrible Twos

Most of the problems that parents are experiencing when raising two-year-olds are related to the way they communicate with them. In some cases, children become non-compliant that parents become frustrated. Among the things that you can do to effectively cope with terrible twos are:

• Serve as an Example: Most parents do not realize it but children often mimic how they respond to a certain situation. How you react to particular situations greatly influence the way your child will handle stressful situations. That is why it is important that you know how to properly handle all problems especially when dealing them in front of your children.

• Understand Their Activities: As your child grows up, they are able to do things that they can’t do in the past. In this regard, it is vital that you understand your child’s abilities. It would be better if you provide them with activities that will enable them to show off their abilities and the ones that will give them the opportunity to shine.

• Remain Consistent: Whenever your child throws a tantrum, you should set a reasonable consequence for such action. But, in coping with terrible twos, it is vital that you can consistent not just in the consequences that you assign but also on your reactions to their bad behavior. If they know that their bad behavior has corresponding consequences, they will think twice before doing it again.

Coping with terrible twos is not that hard. All you need to do is identify your child’s need and be ready to guide them on how to manage different situations properly.

-Flow Psychology Editor