Encopresis Psychology


Potty training is the first thing that parents teach their kids the moment they learn how to sit on their own. Training their kids how to use the toilet is necessary since it is not at all times that parents should be the one doing the cleaning for them. Of course, as the kid grows, he or she would need to do it alone and be independent in doing it. However, there are times that no matter how much they trained their kids, if it is something psychological, it will still be the same.

When it comes to kids, even psychological conditions are present. As stated in some studies, there are two most common disorders that kids have. One of it is the encopresis disorder. There are several causes of the disorder, it can either be because of bad training or they are withholding it, which is already equivalent to being related psychologically.

Encopresis Psychology: What is Encopresis Disorder?

It is one of the most common eliminating disorders that occur in children. It is characterized with the kid having problem with going to the toilet. To be specific, it is described as the frequent passing of feces from one place to another instead of in the toilet. It can either be on the floor or in underwear. It is only natural for children do it by accident. However, if it keeps on recurring like with the disorder, it can already mean a problem.

Encopresis Psychology: The Symptoms

The disorder does not only involve defecating in appropriate places. It also involves several symptoms like appetite loss, abdominal pain, loose and watery stools and withdrawal from family and friends. Rubbing or scratching the anal part because of irritation caused by watery stools, secretive behavior connected to bowel movements and decreased interest when it comes to any physical activity are also some of the symptoms.

Encopresis Psychology: Causes

There is no clear cause why this disorder occurs. However, there are different explanations that were proposed why it is experienced by children. It can either be due to dietary, physiological, anatomical or psychological reasons. But the explanation that is most acceptable is that its cause of the disorder is multi-faceted.

The Psychological Explanation

The disorder is due to the physical abnormality that caused interference in their ability to control their bowel. However, if there is not a physical abnormality, it is likely that its cause is psychological related. That is the cause especially if the child is intentionally withholding it. It can be for several psychological reasons. It can be due to being afraid of going or using the bathroom or it can also be due to oppositional behavior.

Most of the cases are caused by family situations that are stressful for the child including birth of a new sibling, transition like when starting school or divorce. In case that the child is smearing feces, it may indicate that it is about problems within family relationships. If the kid is reluctant in expressing anger, there is a tendency that it will be expressed by soiling. If this occurs, it can indicate that the child had experienced a frightening or traumatic experience like physical or sexual molestation. In any case, this just proves that whatever behavior a kid or person shows, it always has a reason which is deep and psychologically related.

-Flow Psychology Editor