Famous Extroverts


Extroverts refer to those people who are always alive and enthusiastic. These individuals are always energized and willing to spend their whole day moments with friends and other people that can make them happy. Extroverts can be considered as attention-seekers, and these individuals love to the center of attention of the other people at all times. Extroverts are good speakers. But honestly, these individuals are not good listeners and can be distracted easily. This type of personality can be found in several individuals, even in some famous individuals who have already created remarkable accomplishments in this world in the past.

One of the famous extroverts in this world in the past was Muhammad Ali. This guy was a former boxer and many people considered this individual as the greatest. Actually the title “greatest” was created personally by Muhammad Ali to gain the attention of many people. In other words, Muhammad Ali loves to be the center of attention. That’s why the boxer didn’t hesitate to call oneself as a greatest of all individuals in this world. Muhammad Ali is a real example of a person that possesses extrovert personality.

Aside from Muhammad Ali, another famous individual in this world that can be considered as an extroverted person is Bill Clinton. Remember this guy? Yes, Bill Clinton was the 42nd president of United States and many people admired this guy in the past. Clinton is always energized and alive even if the tasks and responsibilities of an American Politician are very tough. In other words, this president of United States is also an extroverted person. Clinton is always alive and willing to talk with other people just to satisfy his personal needs as an extroverted person. Actually, Bill Clinton was not the only extraverted president of United States of America.

It is because President George W. Bush was also an extroverted person. This guy was well known before because of backslapping Texan. George W. Bush participated in that activity and the president played a lot in that event while putting a lot of attention to the campaign trail. This president of United States was considered also as an extroverted individual because of George’s lack of interest in the details of the things that are very significant in the American politics. Boris Yeltsin was also an example of famous extroverted individual. This politician exhibits also the characteristics of an attention-seeker. Just like Muhammad Ali, this guy wants to be the center of attention of several people also.

Boris Yeltsin was proven extroverted when people noticed his great desire to become a stage performer in the past. And this politician was said to be very dramatic. Boris Yeltsin can do ridiculous things just to gain the attention of several people. Margaret Thatcher was also extroverted. Thatcher became the first lady prime minister of Britain because of extroverted personality. The lady loves to wear color violet cloths always. Just like the other extroverted individuals, this lady was very energetic and talkative before. Margaret Thatcher exhibits the characteristics of an attention-seeker person before in the history of the British nation.

-Flow Psychology Editor