Healing Emotional Wounds


You might think that the only scars you can have are physical but this is not the case. Many of the deepest wounds that you will experience in your lifetime are actually emotional. Just because you have moved on from a traumatic experience or that time has passed does not mean that you do not have a wound from that experience. The things that happen to us in the past shape the person that we become and this can be in a positive or negative way depending on how we heal our wounds. It is important that you do not just hide your emotional wounds and choose not to deal with them. These wounds will reappear and become a bigger issue later on if you never fully heal.


The thing that you have to remember most about emotional wounds is that different people respond in different ways. No two people are going to experience the same traumatic event in the same way. This means that the healing process is also different for each person. There is no right or wrong response and there is no one way that you can heal. The only thing that needs to happen is that the vent needs to be processed. You can’t just choose to act like it never happened. You need to have some type of response in order to begin your emotional healing process.


One of the things that can occur after you have experienced an emotional wound is to allow fear to take over. Fear is a natural emotion, but it is not something that you should let dictate all other emotions. It is important that you move on from the immediate fear that you face and hold onto other emotions to pull you through. The process to healing is long and will involve many different emotions at varying times.


It is important that you take responsibility to heal your emotional wounds. You likely are not the person that caused them, but you need to be the person that works to heal them. You have to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to move forward and to not allow these wounds to deepen. You are not letting those people that have harmed you off the hook when you take responsibility for healing yourself. You are simply being the person that is control of your own happiness..

-Flow Psychology Editor