Helping Kids Cope with Divorce


Divorce is one of the hardest things that a child could experience in his or her life. It is one thing that makes them look very stressed, sad and confused about what is happening. And sometimes, because of having incomplete family, it urges every child to become rebellious, but sometimes that divorce motivates them to stand up and make their parents feel that he or she will not do these things once they already had their families in the future.

Helping kids cope with divorce is a way of showing them that you as a parent, you don’t want your child to get involved and suffer from the problems you are in. And that means that you are still providing them stability and you are still there to attend on their needs as your children. That will lessen the negative effects of divorce to the children. Helping kids cope with divorce will help them in understanding and accepting the decisions made by their parents though it is really that hard for them.

Some of the parents meets difficulty when they are about to say to their children about the divorce or separation. An effective way to help kids cope with divorce is to prepare yourself as well as the child about the talk or the conversation. Plan the words that you are going to say, deal with your own concerns so that when telling about the divorce your child can handle the news.

3 Ways for Children to Cope with Divorce

1. Although it’s a difficult process to do, children should be given benefits like an honest-but kid-friendly-explanation and also address to them the most important points you want to say and make sure that you give them empathetic tone. Parents should be honest, or always tell the truth because in the first place they should know the reason why his or her parents will be divorced. In stating the reason, pick the most important reason so that children will not be confused. And though you are already separated, the parent-children bonding and love will never end. Parents should also tell ‘I Love You’ to their children and say that nothing will change to them.

2. Both parent should give support to their child and help them express their feelings and emotions about the divorce, and make sure that the parents are listening. And also do not let them think that they are the reason of the divorce and it’s their fault, because normally that is the perception of the child. Be patient enough in listening to their feelings and try to make ways on answering their questions with regards to divorce.

3. The conflicts made by the parents are really damaging for kids, at this point parent should not put their child on the middle of their fights, and they should not force their children to choose between you because eventually they will not because children both love their parents. And parents should put their fights in proper place where their child will not see and hear the arguments.

These are just few ways on how to help kids cope with divorce. Everything will fall into place if things are being planned especially when telling to the children news about divorce. Explain everything thoroughly and in a nice manner.

-Flow Psychology Editor