How to Cope with a Colicky Baby


Every couple dreamt of having a baby that will make their family complete. Once their wish was granted, they will surely feel so blessed and give everything that he/she needs. Due to modern technology, soon to become parent can be prepared by mean of training or seminars, teaching them the basic information of how to take care of their infant. But, this would really be different during actual situation since you will be dealing with your own baby and not the baby doll at the training center.

Not everything can be taught, not every aspect of becoming a parent can be provided to you detail per detail. Most of the times, you will encounter situations that is quite different that will make you feel frustrated especially when your baby cries for countless of times without any reason. Seeing your baby cry can come to a question, what could have been upsetting your baby? This situation may upset you as well to the point of wanting to join in.

About Colicky Baby

When your baby cries more often without having symptoms of any illness, they might be suffering from Baby Colic. Colicky baby is the episode of crying. This can be more than 3 hours daily and for more than 3 weeks. There are not more than 40% of babies that suffer from excess crying having essential organic disease. According to doctors, this does not have medical significance that usually goes away at its own.

This usually begins at their 3rd or 6th week after their birth that ends up when they reach their age of 3-4 months. If you notice that your baby still cries after their 4th month, go to your health care provider because they might be suffering from another problem.

Causes of Colicky Baby

Doctors can’t provide exact reason or causes for the occurrence of colic to the baby. They suggested that intolerance in cows as the culprit, but now it was rarely the real case. Babies that are being breastfeed can also suffer from colic, they changes they try changing their diet avoiding caffeine, egg, soy, wheat products and dairy. This type of technique is not effective for all, it was also noted that mothers who smoked were likely to have this behavior. Now, the major question that comes across your mind is the coping mechanism that you will be needed for your baby?

Coping with Colicky Baby

If your baby is obviously not hungry then stop feeding him, try cuddle to the most comfortable way to make them feel sleepy. Providing them attention does not make them feel spoiled, they just need extra attention since they were too young to help themselves. You may try sitting by means of rocking chair trying several positions or take them for a walk.

Place them across the lap then rub their back and belly. You may also try putting them in a vibrating seat or a swing providing soothing effect motion. Go for some ride by putting them at their infant seat at the back of your car. The car’s vibration can be calming. Start playing music tapes since they respond to sound and movement as well. You may place them in a decreased stimulation room since they find it wellbeing swaddled in a dim room.

-Flow Psychology Editor