How to Cope With a Compulsive Liar


Living and dealing with individuals who lie on every detail of their life as well as other issues concerning them can really be stressful. Whether this person is your parent, spouse, sibling, or friend, once you realized that they have not been truthful to you, the level of trust and the entire relationship will never be the same. However, it is somehow important to understand why some individuals lie. You can really never tell the reason behind this habit.

There might also be a possibility that this individual is suffering from a disorder known as compulsive lying. This is a particular type of disorder wherein a person tells lies without any particular reason. Compulsive liars always tell a lie regardless of situations. Be it a big or small lie, a compulsive liar tells lie routinely. It becomes really uncomfortable and hard for compulsive liars to tell only the truth. Some of them have the desire to get out of the trap and in most cases; these individuals find escape in drugs, alcohol and sex.

Dealing with the Behavior

If you are in an environment or situation where you often come across with these types of people, you will require more patience and understanding. Here are some ways on how to cope with a compulsive liar:

1. Take time to think about the things and words you will do and say to a person who lies compulsively. It will not help if you scream, so as much as possible, be firm yet gentle and approach that person in a manner that may help her accept what you are saying.

2. Talk to a compulsive liar and relate problems and situations he might get caught with when the lying habit continues. If possible, present proofs that will trigger them to tell and face the truth. If you always come across a person who got compulsive lying habit, always present a proof each time he lies about something. This will help a compulsive liar accept that there is really a problem that needs to be dealt with.

3. Be patient with the person. He does not become a compulsive liar overnight. Therefore, it will take time to be out of this habit seriously. So if you have the desire to deal and help an individual get out of this unpleasant behavior, you will need grace, heart and patience.

4. Tell the person to get some therapy or counseling. If he becomes hesitant, tell that person that you will be around to help. Your presence might be the key to turn his back on lying and hurting other people.

The process of dealing or coping with compulsive liars is not that easy. However, if it becomes too much on your part and if the person refuses to seek help, leave the circumstance alone. If a compulsive liar has lots of options to take in order to get away with the habit but refuses everything, you will just be spinning your wheel. Give the person a chance to handle the problem and help himself out.

-Flow Psychology Editor