How to Overcome OCD Intrusive Thoughts


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is a type of disorder resulting from stressful and intrusive behavior patterns. The root cause must be fully understood and though this results from combinations of learned habits and biochemical factors. There is no definite cure for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but the condition remains treatable. With the right approach and therapy, individuals suffering from this anxiety disorder can reduce the impact of this condition to their lives. If you know the symptoms and signs of OCD, you can execute steps in addressing this disorder by seeking help from therapists and doctors.

There are ways on how to overcome Obsessive Compulsive Disorder intrusive thoughts. If you are one of the many individuals suffering from this, you can take the following steps:

Best Ways to Overcome OCD

Get the condition properly diagnosed. The best way to get your condition diagnosed is to see a psychologist. You might be suffering from OCD if you display symptoms like habit of checking on everything several times, intrusive thoughts, bodily obsession and more.

Understand the stress, obsession, and compulsion pattern. The usual routine for sufferers of OCD is obsession or the intrusive thought, the stress and the compulsion or the routine that must be performed in order to deal with the stress caused by obsession.

Try cutting the behavioral pattern off. In order to overcome this obsessive compulsive disorder, an individual must learn to avoid the stress, obsession and compulsion cycle from going continuously. Understand that even if things go beyond your control you can still prevent yourself from OCD intrusive thoughts. Another way on how to overcome OCD intrusive is to consider exposure therapy wherein you are being exposed to obsession without being permitted to facilitate the compulsion. As time passes by, managing the problem becomes easier.

Expose yourself and face your fear. This is an effective way of reducing your phobia or fear. Exposing yourself repeatedly to fear will help you get used to it. The reason why individuals have intrusive thoughts and fear is that they associate a particular object with negative experience and feeling.

Do not let OCD intrusive thoughts define who you really are. You are actually more than your particular condition. Write down all your ideal qualities and read these all over again especially during the times that you feel down and disturbed.

Reward Yourself. Each time you accomplish something that you cannot do or achieve before, it is better to congratulate and reward yourself. Even if it is just a small accomplishment as long as you feel great about this, let yourself know.

See a therapist or psychologist. If you can no longer control your problem and this start to interfere with your social life and daily activities, it would be best to consult a psychologist or therapist. You might receive medication and or therapy relieving your symptoms. If you are looking for an effective therapy, you can try Exposure Response Prevention. This is one of the most effective therapies available these days.

-Flow Psychology Editor