Leo Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility


Can a Leo man and a Cancer woman have a strong and harmonious relationship?

The answer will depend on how compatible they are emotionally, mentally and sexually based on what their zodiac signs are trying to say. While some people may brush off astrology as unbelievable, there are actually some truths behind what the stars say, which can help determine whether or not you are compatible with your partner or soon-to-be partner.

What Makes a Leo Man?

  • Being under the fire sign, he makes the relationship warmer by providing passion and intense desire.
  • A gallant and magnanimous suitor that is tenderly protective and affectionate towards his loved ones.
  • Very generous in terms of finances and in providing protection that he offers towards his mate.
  • As a person who loves an audience, a Leo man will fall in love with someone who will flatter and respect him. He abhors domination and ignorance.

What Makes a Cancer Woman?

  • As a water sign, a Cancer woman adds fluidity, thoughtfulness and compassion into the relationship with a Leo man.
  • Because of her caring nature and strong devotion, a Leo man won’t find it hard to fall in love with her. After all, he thrives on respect and flattery.
  • Her being approachable and open aggressiveness is balanced with decency and abhorrence for any form of vulgarity and cheapness.
  • But the downside with a Cancer woman is that she has a strong fear of being rejected or being loved less than the level of devotion that she bestows upon her partner.
  • Whenever she finds herself falling in love, especially with a strong Leo man, she may react in one of two ways – gentle and womanly shy or feels less confident of her ability, thinking that she may not be good enough for him.

List of Pros of Cancer Woman and Leo Man Relationship

1. Both will find strength from each other
A Cancer woman’s complexity is balanced with a Leo man’s durable and unwavering comprehension. Whenever she’s feeling insecure, he will provide protection and a solid foundation for her to land on. For someone who is protective, a Cancer woman’s need for support and nurturing will empower a Leo man.

2. Give and take relationship
A Leo man’s fierce devotion to his friends and family he extends to his lover, while a Cancer female would pamper him with love and affection in return, effectively stroking his ego. In the bedroom, a Cancer female is sensual and caring, while a Leo male is very passionate, a king who treats his lover as his queen.

List of Cons of Cancer Woman and Leo Man Relationship

1. Loss of control
A Leo man wants to be in charge and would automatically take the reins. Unfortunately, a Cancer woman doesn’t want to lose control as she’s not your typical submissive damsel. This could result in conflict, as he may have to relinquish some of his control to her, which he might be unwilling to do.

2. Feeling left out
As someone who’s more reserved, a Cancer female may feel left out when a Leo male becomes the center of attention, which is something he craves. If she tries to rein him in, it might be a cause for contention.

-Flow Psychology Editor