Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility


One of the most emotional types of relationships related to the Zodiac is when the Leo man falls for a Sagittarius woman. This is because of the fire-to-fire sign relationship match that they bring. However, signs are quite good as they can overcome some tempers and be able to create a stable relationship when both are in love with each other. Here are some reasons why both can become successful compared with other fire sign combinations.

Optimistic Personalities

The element of fire is essentially what brings them together in the first place. They indeed sense in each one a kindred spirit in which both are experts at looking at life’s brighter side. Both of them are likewise thrill seekers, so initial dates can become filled with fun and laughter. As a result, this type of relationship can be highly youthful and playful, bringing a lot of joy to both of them.

Sexual Compatibility

As they grow in their relationship, a great deal of sexual compatibility will eventually exist. This is definitely so as they are very expressive and passionate in bed. In fact, they can have a very energetic and healthy sexual life. This is what others call a sense of togetherness that they can cling on even when faced with challenges in their lives. Thus, they are able to reach out to one another despite the fact that they will have some unstable conditions elsewhere in the relationship.

Relationship Challenges

Trouble can be encountered by both as they have different perspectives in their relationship. As the Leo man seeks to be adored and worshipped by the Sagittarius woman, he tends to realize that his woman is just too busy looking after her own satisfaction while still telling him about how marvelous he really is. For this reason, he will think that she is not paying enough attention to him which eventually makes him cross and sulky.

On the other hand, the Sagittarius woman often seek a lover that should be able to spend time in some quests and adventures. Otherwise, she won’t get thrilled when she realizes that her man only wants her to be his little woman as she ought to give him his slipper and ready his dinner when his hard day ends. However, in order to make the relationship of a Leo man and Sagittarius woman to work, it is essential that both should embrace adjustments on their expectations.

Walking Away from Luxury

As both will learn to value of being together, they will eventually understand both of their origins. Flashpoints can occur though as the Sagittarius woman isn’t the most faithful of them all, when given her desire for liberty. Likewise, if she will ever be unfaithful, she will surely wound the big heart and pride of her Leo man.

At the same time, he might also find it hard if her restless streak will mean the abandonment of the luxurious life that the Leo man wants. However, if he really loves her so much, he will be willing to walk away from the comforts and security that should cost him much.

-Flow Psychology Editor