Leo Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility


There seems to be a one-sided relationship happening when a Pisces man falls for a Leo woman. This can happen when the fire sign tends to take the lead. Nevertheless, both of them feel the need in their own ways. So their compatibility has so much more to offer compared with its fair share of challenges.

Steamy and Sultry Relationship

The serenity of a Pisces man tends to captivate the Leo woman. So despite the fact that he might just be undergoing some emotional storms at some point, he can be a very spiritual person. He can also manage to gain the impression that he is handling it all at his own pace.

On the other hand, the Pisces man can be attracted to his Leo woman in accordance with her love of life and her warmth. For this reason, both of them have a really strong sexual compatibility which they can well forge in the bedroom.

Challenges Up Ahead

The water and the fire sign can sometimes tend to create some cracks. So aside from having a steamy sexual partnership, there are some issues that would require understanding for this couple. One is the tendency of the Leo woman to require being the center of attention or better yet be adored.

This can be alright with the Pisces man as he indeed adore and shower her with attention and love. But his emotions can sometimes get in the way that he should get a meltdown. This will unintentionally steal his will and should no longer be able to provide her desired adoration.

Compatibility of Both Signs

At some point, the Pisces man can sometimes require someone whom he can share his highs and lows. This can be natural to a Leo woman as she can easily join him in his happiness and joy. This is due to the fact that she has a very optimistic and sunny demeanor too. The problem can be found in her inability to deal with the lows that he sometimes desire to be with someone to comfort him. Thus, in order to make this relationship compatibility to work well, they should cross important hurdles along the way.

Issues of Selfishness

The relationship will only work if they can only settle their differences. Well, at least they can try, right? The mutability of the Pisces man’s sign can be a good reason to satisfy the wants of the Leo woman. The fixed sign of the Leo woman is like an iron will so the Pisces man should be upset or disappointed at this. In fact, he will consider this as a selfish act as it actually is. For this reason, he can’t tolerate selfishness in which that trait alone can be reason enough that he will lose interest in the Leo woman and Pisces man love compatibility.

On the other hand, if this relationship should work well, it will be a passionate and creative one. Since both share love of culture and art, they would really enjoy spending quality time together. Nevertheless, the Pisces man is stronger than what the Leo woman thinks of him and he can’t tolerate her selfishness forever.

-Flow Psychology Editor