Leo Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility


It would seem that the commanding Leo woman found her match in the Scorpio man, as she typically leads a party life, while he is typically mysterious and intriguing. And while he notices her first, she would be the one who wants to capture his heart. Considering these things, this love compatibility will be a dynamic and deep relationship. Let us see how compatible is the Leo woman and Scorpio man physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually.

The Good

Based on their elements, it is normally difficult for a fire sign, such as Leo, to go well with a water sign, such as Scorpio, but the woman and man in this pairing do have some similarities. Both of them would demand respect and admiration, and they usually get it, where the Leo woman is a powerful force and the Scorpio man has the qualities to match her intensity. As a leader by nature, the woman would need someone who is strong enough to help her prowl the plains, and the man would gladly face the challenge.

As both these signs are strong, passionate and sexual, their relationship would go straight to the bedroom. Though they can be flirty and playful, they can really heat things up heated between the sheets. The Leo woman would be passionate and bold, unleashing primal pleasure and flame of lust over the Scorpio man, who would in turn use stunning intuition to satisfy her. As you can see, Scorpios are erotic and intense, so he would repeatedly challenge the physical powers of his partner, who would also gladly rise to the challenge until both of them are completely exhausted.

Because neither of them is boring, there will always be something happening in this pair. If they agree on something, they would support and fuel each other to achieve what they are striving for.

The Bad

One major problem in the Leo woman and Scorpio man love compatibility is their mutual desire to dominate—their egos would be constantly colliding, as the woman is used to running the show, while the man would not easily relinquish control. Fortunately, their sexual compatibility will always come in handy after any argument, leading both partners to forgive each other without starting another argument. If they are able to take cues from each other, take turns leading and remain equal, their relationship would never go wrong, unless the woman’s arrogance or the man’s possessiveness takes hold.

If they have clashing goals, they would engage in a fight you have never witnessed before. Depending on the situation, there is no telling how long the fight will last before they make up or break up.

Making Things Work

To make their relationship last, the Leo woman and the Scorpio man should know how to focus on each other’s strengths and address their weaknesses. As she would be completely devoted to him and he would never do anything halfway, they need to put in the work if they truly love each other. With everything in this match-up going well, these partners will be able to spend a shared life with never-ending adventure.

-Flow Psychology Editor