Leo Woman and Taurus Man Love Compatibility


Of all the Zodiac love compatibilities, the one involving the Leo woman and Taurus man is believed to be the strongest and most determined. While the woman is a natural-born leader, the man is steady as a rock, creating a solid force in a relationship. However, they just have to be careful of her arrogance and his stubbornness.

The Good

With her fine qualities—stable, friendly, courageous, fun, etc.—the Leo woman will surely attract the Taurus man. After all, it would be difficult for any gentleman not to notice this kind of woman, who is typically sophisticated, mature and having good command of the room. She would appreciate the natural ease with people and charm of this practical and responsible man, and this initial attraction would bring themselves together in stability, as well as their shared values. The woman would appreciate how the man carries himself, and on the other hand, the man would see her as a powerful individual that she is. This couple typically respect, love and admire each other equally, which creates a strong foundation for their relationship.

When it comes to finance, both partners would work hard so that there will never be an issue in this aspect, while leading a comfortable lifestyle that lives up to both their standards. As for intimacy, both of them will enjoy the physical nature of lovemaking, where she will be more passionate and he will be more romantic. In some regards, this can be a perfect match, where he sets the mood and keeps up with his lover’s fiery nature, while she amps up the pleasure taking advantage of his incredible stamina.

The Bad

As the Leo woman would always take the lead in every situation, the Taurus man might find her to be overbearing. Also, she would focus on her primal urges and lust, while he is more affectionate and sensual, which means that she might grow bored with his reserved behavior, not maintaining the same level of sexual excitement she shows while making love. Thus, both of them should adapt to the way their partner experiences during the activity. The woman would be more adventurous, while the man would be more steadfast, even showing stubbornness, which is something they have to deal with. She might also feel slighted in a similar manner, so they have to observe patience and communication and patience to establish middle ground.

The kind of compromise in lovemaking between these partners can also extend outside the bedroom. While she is more adventurous, needing attention and excitement, he would be more cautious and slower, which might drive her crazy as she likes to grab life by the horns. Now, she should be careful not to offend his ego, as he would retaliate with bullish temper. And as a Leo, she would not back down without a fight, with her needing to be always on top and him always set in his ways, which can eventually lead to unresolved issues that can disrupt the characteristics they share.

Making Things Work

With the Leo being a fixed fire sign and the Taurus being a fixed earth sign, the woman should exhibit patience and relinquish some control with her partner, who should in turn needs to let loose once in a while. By reaching a compromise, they will have a partner for life.

-Flow Psychology Editor