Libra Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility


The Libra man and Leo woman love compatibility can be a complicated one, where he would always be contemplating on the different sides of an issue and she would be set in her ways as a natural-born leader. The differences between the couple will make their relationship a tricky one.

The Good

The main driver of attraction between the Libra air Zodiac sign and the Leo fire sign is their shared magnetic personalities, where the man is charming and flirty while the woman leads the life of a party, which means that they will immediately get along. While she would be self-confident and bold, he would appreciate the finer things in life, which is recognized and admired by the woman. In this match-up, the man will typically have no trouble feeding into his partner’s ego, as he gives it his best to be supportive to maintain harmony, making the woman feel like she is the only woman in the world to him.

When it comes to sex, the Libra man would really shine, given his romantic and sultry personality, where he knows how to set the mood and tickle all her fancy to heat things up in the bedroom. In turn, the Leo woman would respond with her intense passion and lust, completing what her lover wants during the activity.

The Bad

The arrogant personality of the Leo woman can sometimes hinder the Libra man’s balanced approach in looking at the world, as she would rather go ahead without waiting too long. Typically, the man cannot make up his mind very quickly, and this is where their disparity begins. However, if both of them can maintain their initial attraction, they will have a promising relationship inside and outside the bedroom.

When it comes to sex, the woman can be quite physically overbearing for her lover, who tends to experience sexual fantasies inside his head instead of a primal plain. As it would eventually seem that he is not as physically into it as she is, he would be somewhat detached, which will hurt his lover’s pride to the point where she would get angry that he is not entirely focused on her. Both of them should find a more effective way to communicate each other’s desires and feelings to be able establish a middle ground in lovemaking.

The compromise they have in the bedroom can extend outside, where the man is more cautious in his decisions, while the woman is always up for adventure.

Making Things Work

To make things work, the Libra man should take charge of his indecisiveness, while the Leo woman should soften her approach to things. There should be a fair amount of give and take from both these sun signs to maintain a solid relationship. If this couple is able to work together, they will also be able to take each other further. With Libra being a cardinal air sign and Leo being a fixed fire sign, the partnership between them will have a lot of promise!

-Flow Psychology Editor