Overcoming Caffeine Addiction


In these modern world where 9:00 am to 5:00 pm jobs become prominent, many individuals resort to instant fixes of energy to start the day. They usually turn to caffeinated drinks such as coffee first thing early in the morning. Caffeinated products entail several benefits such as boosting energy. However, consuming too much might deliver unwanted effects. If you reach the stage where caffeine becomes a necessity, you are displaying symptoms of caffeine addiction.

Caffeine as an Addiction

Caffeine is a stimulant and a highly addictive substance. The strong urge to consume this substance often leads to caffeine addiction. Some individuals might think that this type of addiction is hard to beat, which is actually not. There are ways of overcoming caffeine addiction and these include the following:

1. Force yourself to be in a routine where you certainly enjoy drinking coffee or other caffeinated products by limiting intake. This is the very first step you can do to beat caffeine addiction.

2. Drinking water is another helpful way of overcoming your caffeine addiction. Water is proven to give individuals energy and improve their moods. These are key aspects in maintaining ideal mental health. Therefore instead of depending on coffee, try consuming the recommended amount of water to be taken per day. Water content can benefit you in many ways.

3. Having the right and strong mindset or positive affirmation is important when overcoming caffeine addiction. Take time to limit intake especially if the addiction is becoming more serious. The right mindset is a key towards kicking caffeine addiction completely.

Other Helpful Tips in Overcoming Caffeine Addiction

1. Get enough time to relax and sleep so that you will not resort to drinking coffee and consuming caffeinated products more often.

2. Change your morning routines even in smaller ways. Instead of starting your day with a cup of coffee, take a walk and breathe clean and fresh air. It is also advisable to drink water with a twist of fresh lemons.

3. When there is something inside you that demands for caffeine, simply break the usual habit to respond. Do or drink something that is entirely different. Stop yourself from believing that drinking coffee is all you need to get going.

4. Whenever you feel tired or stressed, ask yourself if a cup of coffee is really what you need to meet your needs.

5. If you really have the desire to overcome caffeine addiction, learn to control or stop the craving.

6. Caffeine addicts should be leaders and not followers. Try making healthy choices when with friends, colleagues and families. Avoid consuming caffeine just because everyone surrounding you does.

When you’ve become successful in overcoming caffeine addiction, you will certainly reap amazing benefits. These include healthier teeth, less stress and better sleep. When you successfully break the habit and overcome you addiction, you can also expect for more energy, consistent mood, proper hydration, increased health and vitality and most of all significant savings. You also have to display the willingness to put an end to your caffeine addiction and you will be surprised to know that you have already broken the tie.

-Flow Psychology Editor