Overcoming Emetophobia


Emetophobia pertains to the phobia of vomiting. Most individuals have probably come across this term but not all completely familiar on what this phobia is really all about as well as the many aspects related to it. This particular type of phobia can really be a disabling and bothering condition, and this somehow limits the lives of individuals struggling with it.

The Fear of Vomit

Emetophobia can be experienced by women and men, and this type of fear attacks any person regardless of age. Be it an adult or a child, the negative impacts can be felt. Some have the fear to vomit while others are scared seeing other people vomit. Several individuals find it hard to describe the fear during the instances of vomiting. In most cases, individuals with Emetophobia display vague fear, loss of control and misery. Individuals with Emetophobia also fear endless vomiting, insanity, death and more. They are certain that their catastrophes are not really results of vomiting but when this incident happens they become unsure.

Majority of individuals have vomited before and since most of individuals are used to this, there is really no reason to fear. Vomiting has no ill effects unless otherwise you are suffering from a certain condition. However, lack of ill effects does not really help an individual to overcome Emetophobia. Instead, this leads them to a point where they tried to avoid the possibility of vomiting in their pursuit to protect themselves against their fear.

Effects of Emetophobia

There are wide ranges of situations that signify the effects of Emetophobia and these include the following:

1. An individual with Emetophobia especially a woman turns her back to the idea of starting her own family because of the fear of getting sick during the period of pregnancy.

2. This person also avoids business or holiday trips due to the possibility of being sick when flying.

3. A person with Emetophobia avoids eating particular types of drinks and foods.

4. The person might also avoid going to the hospitals due to their fear of seeing individuals who are ill.

5. Individuals having this type of phobia avoid having pets at home because they might as well get sick.

6. The Emetophobia sufferer might also display obsession with complete cleanliness and may avoid going to restaurants because kitchen sanitation is not guaranteed.

7. Individuals suffering from Emetophobia display extreme fear and panic especially if someone in their household is sick.

8. They also become hesitant to read magazines and newspapers or watch TV because they may see or read about someone who is ill.

Overcoming the Phobia

There are various ways of overcoming Emetophobia but to ensure successful result, exposure therapy is highly suggested. This does not really require individuals to vomit but to teach them to practice situations, activities that trigger vomiting. Exposure exercises that are commonly included are videos and pictures of vomiting, spitting in toilets, spinning around to bring on nausea sensations and more.

Overcoming Emetophobia is important, and this includes aiming to help individuals live their life and engage in the normal and usual activities they love to do.

-Flow Psychology Editor