Pisces Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility


Pisces and Aquarius are water and air signs, respectively. Having said that, these two are opposing poles and theirs is an unlikely combination because they are different from one another. When these two signs meet and fall in love, the relationship will have both fiery and dull moments. Despite their differences, they complement each other. A Pisces man will be enthralled by the intelligence of an Aquarian woman while she will be drawn to his charm and mystery.

Pisces Man and Aquarian Woman

A man with the zodiac sign, Pisces, is considered to be a man of gentle demeanor, compassionate, calm and thoughtful. Although when he is pushed to the limits and angered, he can be stern and different. He is a great lover and this can be shown by his desire to give his all when it comes to the person he loves. When it comes to making hasty decisions, though, he can have a rather difficult time.

An Aquarian woman, on the other hand, is intelligent and creative. She is also an analytical thinker, a trait that makes her attractive to a Piscean man and a person who loves to explore and learn new things. Her analytical mind drives her to focus on what makes something tick rather than find out how it can affect other people. This trait makes her become unattached and unemotional at times, which can create a rift between her and her man.

Sexual Compatibility

What is interesting about these two opposite signs when it comes to sex is that they treat it more as an experiment rather than an experience. This makes intimacy and lovemaking for them much more special. They share a mental bond that they act almost in unison to express their passion and desire in bed. As their relationship gets deeper in time, they learn to understand each other’s emotions, thus, making what they have deeper and smoother.

On Arguments

Since these two are different signs and theirs is a relationship that is not smooth-sailing all the time, there will be arguments that will get in the way. The Aquarius woman might be attracted to his gentle manner and his passion but she will always seek for independence and freedom to try new things. This is because she is afraid of losing her individuality. And since the Pisces man can sometimes appear too dreamy which might make her think he is losing some good opportunities, this can create a problem. He, on the other hand, might find his Aquarian lover too aloof or detached especially if he expresses his romantic feelings. But despite their tendencies to quarrel, both want each other. And since a Piscean man can tolerate the antics of his Aquarian woman and they have created a bond, their love and relationship can last.

A Piscean man can also have mood swings that can be too much for an Aquarian woman and he might also feel resentment towards her because of her desire for independence. These can lead to misunderstandings. However, an Aquarius woman can have more control of the situation and has the tendency to calm down first. Even if these two will have happy and sad moments together, they can have a lasting relationship and a committed one.

-Flow Psychology Editor