Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility


What happens when a water sign and a fire sign get together? This is a question that a Pisces man and a Sagittarius woman have to face when they share a relationship. Will their love last and endure or will water put out the fire? A Piscean man is an introvert and a Sagittarian woman is an extrovert. Although they might be opposites, there are traits present in these two individuals that will attract them to each other.

Pisces Man and Sagittarian Woman

A Piscean man is dreamy and sensitive. He is charming and basically impressive as well as intelligent. Despite his being dreamy, though, he is one not to have his head in the clouds. A Piscean man is also a person who is not comfortable in disputes and would rather keep away from one than dive into it. When it comes to being an introvert, he enjoys being in a small circle of friends but he is also a social person.

Conversely, the Sagittarian woman is charming and outgoing. She tends to have more friends than her Piscean man and enjoys the company of others. Being an independent individual, she does not want to get tied down by her man and is also persistent. Her traits make her fun and exciting to be with. She is optimistic and does not deal with the negativities in life because she does not enjoy stress. A Sagittarius woman always wants to make her man feel loved. However, she can also be too direct and honest to her rather sensitive and emotional lover.

In their relationship, the woman is the one who calm and in control while the man can have different moods. And since she is honest and sincere to her man, she might, at times, be too blunt in expressing what she feels. This can work if the Pisces man will be willing to accept her naturally charming yet direct personality. The Pisces man has a tendency to listen to others when it comes to making decisions and is the type who looks for reassurance from his partner. With communication and love for each other, they can have a lasting relationship and a smooth one. This can also happen so long as they will not let other people dictate on their relationship.

Sexual Compatibility

These two lovers are sexually attracted to each other and they can be intimately compatible. However, both also have to learn about give and take in the bedroom. The Sagittarian woman should learn how to add spice and flavor to her Pisces man’s romantic gestures and love for role playing. Her sexual response can complement his emotions in the bedroom which will make their romantic moments memorable and special.

On Arguments

These two can expect arguments and rifts along the way if they decide to commit to their relationship. If the Pisces man will remain to be the dreamy person that he is and be content with practicality and mundane activities, this can lead to boredom on the part of a Sagittarian woman. Since he avoids arguments, he will tend to not say anything which will trigger her temper and impatience.

This water and fire signs are looking into a somewhat difficult relationship because of their differences. If they want to make it work, they have to work on it.

-Flow Psychology Editor