Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility


Pisces and Scorpio are both water signs, making them likely to be compatible than most of the zodiac sign combinations, when it comes to relationships. Both are emotionally intense and if things are all well, they have a match made in heaven. The Piscean man can understand the mystique of his man while a Scorpion woman can handle his emotions and ever changing moods.

Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman

A Pisces man is known for his charm and gentleness. He is also good at showing romantic gestures which make him attractive to most people. On the flip side, he can have mood swings and prefers a laid back kind of life. He also prefers to be in a secure and comfortable environment. As for decision-making a Pisces man can easily be swayed by others. Other than these, he can be a loyal partner once he feels he is loved and appreciated by his woman.

On the other hand, a Scorpio woman is one who tries to keep some mystery about her personality, something that a Pisces man can easily read and accept. She can be sweet-natured and quiet but she is also intelligent. However, she is also someone that has a lot of depth that it can be difficult for anyone to simply know what’s going on her mind. She also appreciates his being supportive and not being demanding.

Together, they can be happy and content lovers because he can appreciate and comprehend her depth and complexity while she loves his charm and submissive attitude. Moreover, they are both into emotional bonding and intimacy. When these two people fall for each other, they will truly experience what connection means. Both are also big dreamers.

Sexual Compatibility

Although a Piscean man and a Scorpion woman can be good at keeping secrets, this is not significant when it comes to intimacy between the two. This is because a Scorpio woman can be sensual in the bedroom and knows very well how to please her man. She is also good in making him feel he is the one in control in the bedroom which is good for both of them since this deepens their relationship. They both appear to know what each of them wants and this makes words insignificant when they are intimate. Their love is full of passion and intensity.

On Arguments

Both Pisces man and Scorpio woman are emotionally intense but they are not completely the same. The Piscean man deals with emotional authenticity and using this as a guide on his dealings with other people. On the other hand, a Scorpion woman is intense with what she feels. If she likes the way she is treated and loved, she will shower her man with love. However, if she feels she is unfairly treated or her partner is not honest, she can explode and will react in a negative way. And when these two fight or argue, expect a lot of emotions and drama.

With both signs being full of passion and emotions, they are two of the most compatible signs to beat.

-Flow Psychology Editor