Psychology of Insecurity


Insecurity is something that many people struggle with. People that are insecure deep down feel that they are unworthy, but their actions and words often have the opposite meaning. It is normal to have insecurity on some type of level, but it is not always healthy. When you are insecure, you typically do not have good self esteem or a positive perspective on your self. Some insecurity can be dealt with, but when you are overly insecure, it can be a big issue. People that are insecure allow it to change their actions. Here are some of the ways that being insecure can change your actions:

Lacking Confidence

When you are insecure, it changes the choices that you make and alters what you might choose to do. When you are insecure, it often results in you having little confidence. This means that you do not think that you are good enough and may doubt yourself. This means that you might be held back in the end and do not try things that you wish you could simply because you are afraid of failing. Being insecure often means that you do not have the confidence that it takes to try different things. You are limited to some extent when you have insecurities that are glaring.


People that are insure not only lack confidence, but they are also fearful. The insecure feelings that they have are constantly weighing on their minds and can change their thoughts. This results in people being fearful that others will notice their flaws as well. Living in fear is something that no one should have to struggle with. It can be debilitating and impact all aspects of your life in a negative way. When you are always fearful, it keeps you from accomplishing your goals because you are too afraid to try.

Never Try Their Hardest

People that are insecure often are known for never giving their best effort. This is because they feel that their best is not good enough so there is no point in trying this hard. If you want to achieve your goals you have to be willing to try and have to let go of your insecurities. Getting rid of your insecurities is not something that happens over night. It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort working through your frame of mind to change the way that you see yourself.

-Flow Psychology Editor