Rooting Reflex Psychology


Rooting reflex psychology is the topic that is being discussed by most of people around the world. It is true that this topic gets the interest of them primarily those women who give birth to a child. Rooting reflex is a normal action of a newborn. The baby automatically turns his or her face and he or she will to start sucking when his or her face or lips is being touched. This action will be a great help for him or her and also for the mother to have a successful breastfeeding process.

Natural State of Reflex

It is true that most mommies are experiencing nipple pain when they breastfeed their baby. According to doctors, this kind of situation is very normal and all women who will have their first baby will surely experience this situation. The rooting reflex psychology for babies is normal. This is their action in seeking for foods that will help them to have a continuous development. It is truly impressive to see that babies have already this kind of mental ability that makes them smarter.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the best method in feeding babies. This is the safest way to give them nutrients that will support their development process. The natural milk that comes from the mother is free from chemicals or preservatives. That’s why the obstetricians always tell their patients that breastfeeding is the best and safest way to help their babies grow and develop their mental and physical abilities as well as, appearance.

But, there are times that a mother’s breast doesn’t produce lots of milk and they are having problems in feeding their baby. This is the kind of situation that scares most mothers because their baby is the one who will suffer from hunger. Aside from that, in hospitals, bottle feeding is not recommended.

Infant Development

The rooting reflex psychology is also a topic that is usually discussed in psychology. This topic adds interesting information to students. Knowing this kind of topic allows them to know the reality of development from baby to adulthood. They will also have the knowledge on how babies make their mothers aware that they are hungry or if they are in pain.

Furthermore, rooting reflex psychology will also give you lots of significant ideas about babies and their needed treatment. For those women who will be a mother someday, they will no longer have worries on how they will feed their babies. Through knowing more about the rooting reflex, it will not be hard for them to know if their baby needs food or not. Breastfeeding is a very important thing in the life of the newborn children.

It is how they will be able to grow healthy and strong during the initial phase of their lives. Mothers should be aware of how to determine the needs of their babies since they don’t have yet the capability to speak and tell what they need. Knowing more about rooting reflex will be great help to mothers. With this, they will always be sure that they feed their babies on the right time.

-Flow Psychology Editor