Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility


Relationships involving of the male archer and the female water bearer will be a highly compatible one as both have high energy levels, a strong sense of freedom, and a positive view on life.

The Positives

Both are naturally sociable beings, and this will give them an instant connection as they are both always out there, searching for new experiences and ideas. This makes it easier for them to meet and strike up a conversation with each other. Once they start talking, they can instantly hit it off as the Sagittarius man has a thirst for knowledge and the Aquarius woman is known to be highly intellectual.

They also have a shared love of freedom, yet these two will willingly sacrifice their independence for each other. They are also not the jealous types, which perfectly complements each one’s need for not being tied down and doing things on their own terms. They can establish a relationship of trust and growth, since both are willing to support their partner in achieving individual endeavors and goals.

These two also make a great pair in bed as they are full of energy, playful, and adventurous, making each session under the sheets exciting and fresh. The Aquarius lady tends to be more in touch with her intellectual side than her emotions, so lovemaking is more on a mental dimension for her. On the other hand, the Sagittarius gent feels it more physically. But even these differences make their relationship even better and complementary, as the Aquarius female can provide ideas to up the romance in the room, while the Sagittarius male provides the required action to make these fantasies come true.

The Negatives

The carefree approach of the female Aquarius and the male Sagittarius may be a problem to look out for, especially when it comes to situations where they need to be organized and pay attention to details. Managing their finances, family, or home may be quite chaotic. But with their optimism and open-minded way of life, they can face the chaos and issues together with lots of love and energy.

Another thing to watch out for is the stubbornness of the Aquarius woman and the selfishness of the Sagittarius man, which can sometimes prove to be a bit too much for the other. The good thing is her logic and his communication skills will make it easy for them to talk things through in a mature and positive manner so they can come to an agreement.

The Conclusion

The attraction between the Aquarius female and Sagittarius male is so strong mentally and physically that they can form a very powerful union. This strong union will also be the reason why both will be willing to make adjustments so each one can continue to have their own identities and independence. Also, they both believe that they should steer their lives according to their own terms, so there is less pressure on the two of them to handle their relationship by following the norm or other people’s expectations. They are independent and strong enough to take their relationship where they want to, and to make it survive and thrive no matter what challenges may come up.

-Flow Psychology Editor