Sagittarius Man and Taurus Woman Love Compatibility


There is a huge difference between a Sagittarius man and a Taurus woman when it comes to personality. Basically, the Sagittarius man is more likely to be fiery and free-ranging, while the Taurus woman is naturally cautious and hard-working. However, when it comes to compatibility, perhaps this match can work as they both have strong physical attraction.

The Sagittarius Man

The male subject is known to be extremely passionate as he is also demonstrative. For this reason, the female gets excited with this personality. The Taurus woman is an earthy and sensual creature, who can match the ardor of the Sagittarius man. They can be very sexually strong in the bedroom, but beyond that is a different story.

The Taurus Woman

When it comes to emotional security and stability, it is the Taurus woman that is best known for such personality. In fact, everything that she does has been designed to keep herself safe, loved and definitely at peace. The Sagittarius man is also a different fellow that lives for adventure, adrenaline, and risk in which he is always on the go. Moreover, it doesn’t interest him to put down roots, while the Taurus woman is really huge on commitment.

Relationship Compatibility

The relationship can be hard to predict as it is a battle between recklessness and caution. For this reason, their relationship doesn’t suit really well on them. Despite the fact that they can have a very passionate but short-lived affair, living together for long doesn’t really fit.

The combination of earth and fire shouldn’t be a good thing for both parties as it will not do them any favors. This is because the loving and kind gesture of the Taurus woman is charred by the frank rudeness of the Sagittarius man. Likewise, the white blanket approach of the Taurus woman should only suffocate her man’s need to have exciting adventures.

Therefore, if the Sagittarius man and the Taurus woman should become attracted to each other, they should adapt to a great deal of their needs. However, it will be difficult for the Taurus woman to adapt to anything much due to her fixed sign which is not capable of adapting much to anything.

Risks About Infidelity

When the Taurus woman can persuade the Sagittarius man for settling down, it is only half way of the battle. Therefore, she still needs to keep him in that position. However, he should not want her woman to become jealous and possessive. For this reason, he will become restless in which he has a tendency to become short-tempered.

So the more the Taurus woman pushes the Sagittarius man, the more likely he is to blow a fuse. Additionally, he will have a tendency to go off and find another woman that he should be able to stake his passion with. At the same time, this relationship compatibility of both Taurus woman and Sagittarius man would only lead to risks about infidelity. This can happen when the Sagittarius man gets suffocated due to the dissatisfaction.

-Flow Psychology Editor