Sagittarius Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility


Sagittarius women and Aquarius men live adventurous and exciting lives which make a relationship between the two is one that has potential to flourish and work out well. A Sagittarius woman and an Aquarius man in a relationship both love to do exciting and unpredictable things. Both of them love to explore, are unconventional but also love their freedom. They also love to talk to about different topics and not just about personal things which make what they share more special. But are lovers will these zodiac signs compatible or not?

Sagittarius Woman and Aquarius Man

In general, a Sagittarian woman and an Aquarian man have many things in common but also have distinct traits of their own. Their similarities and diversities make them almost perfect soul mates.

An Aquarius man is not really one person who conforms. When it comes to his principles and opinions, he is not the type of man to bend his principles or agree with others if this is not what he believes in. However, he is a friendly and good person who loves to help others. He is also a truthful and generous person, one who is often calm and affectionate but he can also have mood swings.

Conversely, a Sagittarius woman is an honest person like an Aquarius man. She can also be quite simple at times. However, her too much honesty can also be one of her weak points because her truthful words can at times hurt the feelings of other people. She also trusts easily and opens herself to people, which is also a reason why she has many friends. When she is in love, she also gives the person she loves the same trust and affection.

The Aquarius man sees his Sagittarius woman lover as someone who is mesmerizing, outgoing, independent and intelligent. The honesty and trust they share make their love exciting and true. However, a woman with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius can spend more time with her friends and other activities she is involved in which can sometimes trigger a misunderstanding or argument. But the Sagittarian lover is ready to try to win her guy back although this should not be ignored since she is not one to beg. What an Aquarian partner should do is to accept her as she is and to stop complaining. On the other hand, a Sagittarius woman loves to learn things from her partner and the two of them enjoy each other’s company and conversations. However, she can also feel at times that her Aquarius man is cold and detached. What she needs to do is to give him some space and time to be back to his passionate and romantic self.

Sexual Compatibility

During intimate moments, the two lovers will try new things to make their experience more exciting and adventurous. They are sexually compatible. When it comes to their relationship, she is the type who wants to discover new places and explore instead of eating in the same restaurant or travel to the same place. Although both love to explore and try different things, the Aquarius man might find it difficult to catch up with the Sagittarian woman when it comes to all the action.

On Arguments

At times of misunderstandings, the Aquarius man will do his best to avoid conflict while the Sagittarian woman will not be reluctant not to express her feelings or anger. This is because despite her being touch outside, she is scared of pain and hurt. This fear makes her harsh at times during arguments.

The similarities and differences of the Sagittarius woman and an Aquarius man are what give their relationship potential to last. If these two know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and learn to accept one another, they can have a love relationship of a lifetime.

-Flow Psychology Editor