Scorpio Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility


A Scorpio woman is one who is glamorous and charismatic, and can seduce almost any man with a single glance. She is naturally gifted with a deep will and incomparable grace of persona that is definitely appreciable at all levels. While she does not care to be with other people too much, she would be very confident in making decisions and would never change her mind once they are made. However, she can be stubborn, possessive, suspicious and jealous, though her ability to love comes with a deep and desirable passion that is very difficult to resist for any man.

As for the Sagittarius man, he is typically very open and honest even to a point where sometimes he will be too honest. As you can see, this type of individual would gear himself towards the truth almost every time, even if it can lead to hurting someone. He is also an optimist and friendly, seeing hope in every situation however terrible things might seem. When it comes to love, the process of committing to someone and losing the relationship would be a natural test of time to him.

When the Scorpio woman meets the Sagittarius man, their relationship can be shaky, but highly stimulating at the same time. As she really enjoys the fresh breath of air he brings into their union, life tends to be always exciting for this couple. Let us assess the love compatibility of these signs.

The Good

Usually, the curious Sagittarius man would notice the Scorpio woman first, as he would be interested in knowing what makes this dark and mysterious beauty tick. As he would love meeting new people and experiencing new things, he would try to strike up a conversation with her. The sharp wit of the alluring and charming Scorpio woman would highly appeal to his mental acuity. On her end, she would recognize his cerebral prowess and would challenge him with more analytical chases. While he would keep up with these challenges, she would suddenly want to know everything about him.

The woman tends to hold something back, and the man would feel the same way about her. With her keeping secrets, he may not be able to get to truly know her, which can be a problem at first. But with his good nature and the ability to let this pass, everything would eventually work out between them, where they will have no problem bringing things to the bedroom after the continued wittiness. Now, this would be the part where the fiery man is going to match the watery woman, considering that Sagittarius can be as passionate and intense as Scorpio. Though he would be more sexual and she would be more emotional, they can end up wearing each other out with their shared physical prowess to constantly raise things up on their lovemaking. She would push him to the limits, but he will not disappoint with his stamina and strength that allows her to unleash everything she is holding deep inside to give him the answers he is looking for. And as he would be so carefree and adventurous, he would not mind when his lover wants to take the lead in bed, giving her the freedom to explore any area of her sexuality and, of course, his.

If the Sagittarius man really loves the Scorpio woman, you would reassure her that they are in there for the long haul. Once she decides to become his mate for life, there will be no turning back, which means that they will be in a lasting relationship.

The Bad

Like any other pairing, the Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man love compatibility also has its challenges. Outside the bedroom, things would not be as smooth as they are, as she typically wants to take control over the relationship in all aspects, which will not sit well with him, considering that he is extremely independent. He would love to have the freedom to explore new people, places and opportunities, and she would be too possessive or jealous to allow it.

The woman’s jealousy can become a real problem, as this would be not one of the emotions that would keep hidden. She would absolutely not tolerate infidelity on his part, and this can be a bad thing because Sagittarius is not known as the most naturally faithful of all signs, though he is typically kind and would avoid hurting anyone with his infidelity. On the other hand, the man would have difficulty with understanding the depth of the jealousy shown by his partner and would eventually resent any restriction that she tries to place on him. Generally, this match-up will face many issues based on jealousy before they can navigate through such an issue.

Moreover, he cannot accept her aggressiveness, which would cause him to flee at the first signs of an argument.

Making Things Work

As mentioned above, the Scorpio woman would easily attracts the Sagittarius man and captures his heart in no time, and it is also through his raging feelings that she would develop a devotion to him. However, there will be certain issues that can destroy their relationship. If they want it to become stronger and last, then both of them should work together and learn to find a compromise to go around things. The woman will need to learn how to trust him, while the man will need to earn that trust by staying with her at times.

She should also try joining him on his adventures, as long as she would not interfere with her partner’s quest for knowledge and exploration. As for the man, he should show tenderness in order to ensure a long-lasting relationship with his partner. He can also show her that a little bit of jealousy is perhaps healthy in their relationship, but to bring everyone and everything down when she gets jealous time and time again will just bring unnecessary suspicion and misery in their life as a couple. All these things considered, everything will go fine in this pair.

-Flow Psychology Editor