The Fear Of Beautiful Women


Did you know that there are many fears that most people have never heard of. If you don’t suffer from these fears you might describe them as a bit odd, but when you are dealing with fear rational thoughts are not apparent. One of the fears that don’t get a lot of attention is known as Caligynephobia. This is the term that is used to describe the fear of beautiful women. This persistent or abnormal fear can have an enormous impact on the quality of life for those people dealing with it. You might think that the notion of being scared of beauty is ridiculous, but it is real and something that quite a few people struggle with.

What Are the Symptoms?

Those people that have a fear of beautiful women often display specific symptoms. The severity of the symptoms that you deal with are related to the degree of fear you experience. Shortness of breath, rapid breathing, sweating, increased heartbeat, nausea and feelings are dread are the most common symptoms. As you can see, dealing with these symptoms on a daily basis can be very difficult. Since there are beautiful people all around, it can be difficult to work or socialize with this real fear. Many people dealing with the fear of beautiful women experience panic attacks and even have to stay away from some loved ones that they see as beautiful.

What Does this Fear Stem From?

The cause of this fear is not completely known or understood, but it is often created by the unconscious mind. There was likely some type of traumatic event that took place in the past involving a beautiful woman. This means that within the unconscious mind a connection was made between the emotional trauma and the beautiful woman. This can lead people to being scared of beautiful women. This is a real fear and does effect more people than you might realize.

Degrees of Fear

Just with like any other type of fear, not everyone dealing with it suffers to the same degree. There are many people that are just a bit guarded around beautiful women, but display no other symptoms of their fear. However, there are also those individuals that suffer from more severe symptoms that impact their quality of life on many levels.

The important thing to realize is that fear of beautiful women is real and it can be treated to improve your quality of life.

-Flow Psychology Editor