The No Contact Rule After A Breakup


No matter how long the relationship was or the feelings that you may or may not have left over, the no contact rule after a breakup can help ease the distance between you and your ex. There is no such thing as staying friends after a painful breakup as the awkward feelings and possible resentment of the other person may still remain years later. However there are few cases where this may not really matter, most breakups should stick to following the no contact rule religiously to avoid reopening the wound that was left after the breakup.

Following the No Contact Rule

We have all had relationships that have ended badly, complete with heart break and tears. These kinds of breakups are the reason the no contact rule exists and even though you may not agree after a fresh breakup, staying in contact with the other person can just extend the pain and misery that you are currently feeling. It is best to just sever all ties to the other person completely and avoid them as much as feasibly possible.

This is also why many people destroy the other person’s possessions such as CDs, T-shirts, movies, etc. Having these artifacts around you can also extend the miserable hurt that you are experiencing, so getting rid of these things after a breakup can be not only soothing but also in a way allow you to come to grips with the breakup in its entirety.

Reasons for the No Contact Rule

There are many reasons the no contact rule works and what not following it can do to your both emotionally and psychologically. When you don’t follow the no contact rule after a breakup you are making it harder to move on, allowing your feelings to rekindle, ignoring the healing process, won’t be able to forgive or fall in love with someone else, soaking yourself in broken memories, encouraging an on and off relationship, and continue the hurt that the breakup caused.

Other things that you will put yourself through include leaving yourself more vulnerable and not allowing the empty space the breakup left in your heart to heal. The no contact rule is there to fix all of that and more, and even though you and your ex may have had some great times and wonderful memories, removing yourself from your ex will be the best thing you could ever do to allow yourself the time you need to find yourself once again.

-Flow Psychology Editor