Cancer Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility


Cancer and Leo are neighboring signs, and compatibility between two such signs isn’t as strong as being in a relationship is a powerful experience for both. On a karmic level, they understand each other and know where each has to gain from the other.

In terms of starting a relationship, it’s easy to see where the attraction is. Cancer women likes someone who they can rely on, they need someone who is not only faithful but also steadfast and they want someone who appreciates their gentle and romantic nature. The person who meets these requirements is the Leo man. A Leo guy looks for someone they can be proud of, someone who will love and adore them as well as take care of their every need. As a nurturing character, a Cancer woman loves to do all the things a Leo man wants and needs.

While a Cancer woman and Leo man seem to complement each other, is it a relationship that will last? Better yet, would it be a good idea to pursue a romantic relationship?

The Cancer Woman

Ruled by the Moon, the mood of a Cancer woman changes just like the lunar cycle. As the first water sin of the zodiac, they are fluid like water and are peaceful and passionate characters. She is also a tidal wave of emotion and as such can be compliant, docile, furious and stubborn. Cancer women are also strong willed and persistent and will draw away when they are disturbed or provoked.

A Cancer woman is also very sensitive to her needs and to the needs of others, this is a credit to their high intuition and deep emotions. As such, she is one of the most sympathetic and caring personalities in the Zodiac. This also means that she will take it personally – and may not soon forget – when she gets criticized.

In terms of love, Cancer women enjoys the process: the flowers, the gifts and the love notes. These are gestures that they enjoy but they are slow to fall in love. Put simply, they don’t like being rushed. Once they are in love, they are very devoted and protective. Given that they can be hurt unintentionally, the best relationship they can get is someone who is tactful and sensitive.

The crab is the sign of Cancer and as such, women born under this sign are shy and reserved when it comes to love and relationships. It takes time for them to trust another person but when in love, they are patient and will go through any obstacle in the name of true love.

The Leo Man

The lion is the sign of the Leo. Given the lion is the king of the jungle, it’s clear to see they like to be in charge. A Leo man is hard to miss: they are warm, they are enthusiastic and they are gregarious. Not only that, they are strong and have an aura of power.

Born natural leaders, Leo men have this animal magnetism that can draw followers to them by the numbers. Despite this, they can work well with others in a team setting; they also function as a key player who provides motivation and drive. A Leo is ruled by the Sun and as such, they are confident, energetic and outgoing.

A man born under the Leo sign is ambitious and once they set their eyes on something, they do all they can to accomplish it. Their eagerness will be limitless once their eagerness is stoked. On top of that, a Leo man is very honorable, loyal and generous.

Given that Leo is also a Fixed sign, they can be stubborn and opinionated when it comes to certain issues. Simply put, it’s hard to change his mind once he has made a decision. A Leo man is always certain they are right and as such, they have a tendency to not hear the other people’s opinions. Attempting to correct them won’t even end well and the best thing to do is to offer subtle hints instead.

The king of the jungle likes to rule and that’s a Leo man when it comes to relationships: they love being in charge of their kingdom. Love is an emotion that is exemplified in Leo men as well. They approach love as something that is earth shattering and as such, they fall in love deeply and very often. And every time they do, they feel it would be last and if it isn’t, they believe the other occasions were a mistake.

A Leo in love will come in head first with his heart out in the open. In short, Leo’s don’t skimp when it comes to love and it’s this courage that many others admire in a Leo man. Leo’s make romantic lovers and they are very devoted, loyal and protective. An ideal match for them is someone who can match him in terms of confidence, generosity, warmth and strength. A Cancer woman fits almost all these requirements.

Can They Make it Together?

As the relationship progresses between a Cancer woman and a Leo man, they find they have great sexual compatibility. A Leo is ruled by Fire and a Cancer by water and as such, their sex life will be very steamy. Passion and drama is brought by the Leo man into the relationship while the Cancer woman brings a deep and emotional connection.

A Leo man raises the confidence of a Cancer woman and given a Leo’s sunny disposition, they can ease the worries of Cancer women. On the other hand, a women born under Cancer can teach a few things to the Leo as well. In particular, a Cancer women can teach a Leo man how to value their emotions and put their family ahead of ambitions. This makes a very balanced and mutually beneficial relationship.

But these doesn’t mean that everything will be smooth sailing. Keep in mind that a Leo loves being in charge and a Cancer woman is equally strong as well. However, her nurturing character makes her not mind if the Leo takes credit. Then again, the sensitive nature of the Cancer women might not be able to handle the fiery temper of a Leo man.

Despite their differences, a Cancer woman and a Leo man’s compatibility is very strong. They complement each other and can make up for the weakness of the other. All in all, a relationship between the two can be mutually respectful and deeply loving.

-Flow Psychology Editor