Coping With Homesickness


Most of the people who were extremely attached from their family are very prone from the term homesick. Others might be confused of what does this mean. Homesickness is suffering grief resulted by departing from home for a long time. This feeling cannot be avoided especially if it was your first time to leave your family which you are almost together every day.

Typically, the main sufferers of this are the people working abroad, students who are studying far from their folk place or sometimes those children who attend tour or school camp without their parents or any member of the family. Coping with homesickness is a must for you to focus on what you are doing. You are usually got far from your family for a very important reason, so it will not be helpful if you keep yourself on thinking them. It is normal that in your first day, first week, first month or even first year you really miss your loved ones. However, if you are already staying for a long time in your new home, then you cannot still adjust, well there is a problem regarding coping with homesickness. If you experienced this, there are recommendations that you can try for you to easily get over from homesickness:

1. Mingle with others: If you are new to your place, it can help to reduce your feeling of missing your family by getting closer with the people there and be friends with them. Remember you cannot survive without the others.

2. Go out with your new friends: You can divert your attention by hanging out, eating outside or watching movies with your newly met people to make it more enjoyable.

3. Try to enjoy yourself: If you are not with your friends, you can still enjoy by doing different activities that you love to do. It can include, aerobics, exercise, jogging and playing games that even you are alone you can make it more fun.

4. Make your journal or diary entry: Sometimes, this can also make you think of your family but then it can help you to be inspired because you write there your significant experiences that you can share to your family when you get home.

5. Relax your mind by listening to your most wanted music: the music itself may ease the feeling of sadness in your heart.

6. Engage into different volunteer works: It is suitable for college students who are living in a far place. Students who are suffering homesickness can do this activity because it will make you feel more meaningful the moment you were able to help others.

7. Be optimistic: Having positive perspective in life will definitely help you in coping with homesickness. Even if you are experiencing struggles in your new home always take it positively no matter how bad it is.

8. Explore your life: Sometimes seeking new discovery can be successfully done all by yourself.

9. Always talk with someone you are most comfortable: Despite of having lots of friends, you can still find someone whom you can share everything without pretending. It is best advised that in coping with homesickness you have a constant communication to the one who can give you advice and positive encouragements.

In real life, you cannot predict what will happen next, it will just come where you least expect it. You might know you will be leaving or they will be leaving as well. There is no permanent in this world because even your family are not permanent, so it is more efficient that you have the knowledge on getting over and coping with homesickness.

-Flow Psychology Editor