Feeling Defeated


Emotions can be difficult to control because they are linked to the way that you feel. Changing the way that you feel is nearly impossible, but it is important to be able to transform your emotions to be more constructive. Instead of ever getting to the point that you feel defeated, you want to be motivated to keep moving forward. When a person feels defeated they are close to just giving up or throwing in the towel. When things get hard in life, the easy thing to do is to feel defeated. This means that you need to make an effort to not let defeat take hold.

Defeat Comes in Many Forms

There are many different situations in life that can leave you feeling utterly defeated. You might be going through a very difficult divorce or just got fired from your job. You might be having a hard time losing wait or can’t catch a break in your career. Defeat for every person is different because it matters what is important or meaningful to you. At the first sign of defeat, it is all about how you react. It is fine to feel defeated right away after the initial blow, but it matters what you do after.


One of the main reasons that you feel defeated are due to your expectations. When you have high expectations and they are not met, it can leave you feeling like you have lost in some way. This is not always healthy and it might be time to reevaluate your expectations. You need to be sure that you have healthy expectations that you have the potential to meet. You should not feel defeated for something that was never within your reach from the beginning.

Unburden Yourself

The thing about feeling defeated is that it results in you carrying around a heavy burden. You feel like you are not enough and that you do not have the ability to achieve what you desire. This is a terrible mindset to have because it keeps you tied down and it limits your potential in the future. The way that you can stop feeling defeated is to finally unburden yourself. You can stop counting the things that do not go exactly how you imagined. It allows you to view everything from a new perspective that is so much healthier for your overall outlook on life.

-Flow Psychology Editor