Leo Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility


Two of the most famous Leo-Leo celebrity couples are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, which pretty much says a lot about the level of compatibility that they have. One of the couples are happily divorced while the Bennifer couple’s divorce has yet to be finalized.

This is not to say, however, that a Leo-Leo relationship won’t work. After all, there are other factors at work that drove these couples apart. But how compatible or incompatible a Leo man and a Leo woman is emotionally, mentally and sexually?

On The Romantic Front

Both a Leo man and a Leo woman are romantic, so expect an evening with each other to be pleasant, beautiful and very romantic. They’re one of the few couples who are romantically expressive. For them, being mushy and corny is perfectly natural. When everyone else would laugh when being told with very romantic lines, such as “We have the stars, let’s not ask for the moon”, the Leo couple will thrive on it.

On The Relationship Aspect

As a romantic, a Leo man will woo and court a Leo woman by the book. He’s your old-fashion knight in shining armor who will follow the rules meticulously. He doesn’t like anything that strays from what he believes to be the standards of courtship. One wrong move and a Leo woman could be a disgrace in his eyes.

On The Level Of Passion

The world is a stage for a Leo, and everything is a bit of an act. Spontaneity is not in their vocabulary, so don’t be surprised when almost everything a Leo man and Leo woman does feel like it is staged.

On The Marriage Front

It’s a big surprise why many Leo-Leo couples end up in divorce when both are loyal and loyalty is present in their marriage life. As parents, they are very committed to performing their responsibilities, ensuring their children will grow beautifully and happily. It is the children that bind the couple forever. As a couple, a Leo woman and a Leo man want to look good in front of everyone’s eyes. They will work to maintain an admirable and an impressive reputation.

In The Bedroom

Because the world is a stage for a Leo, expect sex to be a stage performance as well. This is not entirely bad, as it makes it easier for a Leo man and Leo woman to bring role playing into the bedroom. While other couples have a hard time discussing the possibility of role-playing, Leo couples thrive on it. However, they are very particular on the scenarios they play. For a Leo man and Leo woman, the roles must be glamorous and romantic. Playing the secretary and boss is a popular favorite, since it allows both couples to maintain a glamourous look and feel.

So Where Does The Problem Come In?

Both the Leo man and Leo woman want to be right – always. Because a Leo will never back down from a fight or without a fight, troubles are sure to ensue. Throw into the mix their quick temper, and what you get is a major explosion. It is because of their stubborn characteristics that causes trouble.

-Flow Psychology Editor