Leo Man and Virgo Woman Love Compatibility


Typically, this is an odd match, considering that it involves the bold and arrogant Leo man and the modest and quiet Virgo woman. Though this is a quite quirky relationship, it can certainly work if both partners observe a strong mutual respect.

Foundation of the Relationship

First and foremost, the Leo man and the Virgo woman move in different circles, which means that they have different sets of friends with different interests, so it would be difficult for them to get together sometimes. But when they do, the sincere and warm Leo man would get the attraction of the gentle Virgo woman, with the former showing the latter a great deal of respect and offering her some old-fashioned courtship. As the man is attracted to the woman’s slightly mysterious persona, he would want to know what she is truly like beneath the mask. They would be intrigued by each other, which would be the beginning of their courtship.

As their relationship goes on, the man would be pleased to discover the hidden sensuality of the woman, who in turn would be swept away by her partner’s overwhelming and joyous enthusiasm. When it comes to intimacy, this pairing can work surprisingly well, though their passion would generally be a private thing, where the woman would not go in for public displays of affection, which also goes well with the man who would be happy to maintain his dignity as well.

One main area where this relationship can go unstuck is in the details once it is established, where the man demands a lot of attention from and wants to be adored by his partner, while the woman would not be able to see the point of constantly flattering her partner’s ego. This is where she would tell him things as they are, giving him credit where it is due while also giving criticism to the point where she would nag, though the man’s ego would not tolerate this for long. This could signal the end of this love compatibility.

The Good

Mostly in this relationship, the Virgo woman would notice the Leo man first, who is often the center of attention, while the former remains on the edge of the crowd until the latter finally sees her. Graceful and poised, she would get his attention, as he typically prefers mature women. Once they start a conversation, the attraction will deepen, with the woman being intuitive and thoughtful (immediately striking his ego) and the man responding by complimenting her on her attention to detail.

By the time the woman makes up her mind to bring their relationship to the bedroom, both of them would find more of a match in such a situation, where the man would be caring and passionate and the woman would be romantic and sensual. Naturally, the Leo man would take the lead in lovemaking, while the Virgo woman would be with it, as she would not care about being in charge, though can get things going by knowing what turns her partner on sexually. With trust, she would allow him full reign over what they are doing, with the man doing his best not to break such trust. In this love compatibility, the man would be incredibly loyal, helping to maintain stability in the physical aspect, while the woman would be very devoted to him once she makes this choice, so both of them would work to find a balance between their styles in the bed.

In terms of security, the Leo man would always protect the Virgo woman, which is a trait that she greatly admires, so in turn, she would provide a lasting and comfortable environment for both of them to return to. When it comes to finance, the man would be ambitious and secure, making him a good provider, while the woman would be the one to add great finishing touches to their home.

The Bad

There is a possibility that the Virgo woman will grow tired of the Leo man’s arrogance, given her modest personality. As for the man, he may find her dull around the edges, as he would crave for adventure. As you can see, this type of man would look for a mate who can stalk the plains with him, while this type of woman is a homebody.

When in the bedroom, the Leo man tends to wander and find exciting love opportunities, while the Virgo woman might find it difficult to allow her partner that much freedom, even finding it unnecessary and frivolous. This would mean that she should be careful not to be too critical of him, as it would negatively affect his incredible sense of self-worth.

Then, there come issues of self confidence. When the man loses his temper, the woman would be unimpressed by his flamboyant yelling and shouting. As she is surprisingly strong and would not give in to this type of pressure, she would try to reason with him, given that she is highly likely to outsmart him in a verbal argument, though this can be another blow to his rather large ego when he realizes it. As for the social aspect, he might decide to prefer a more socially confident partner, if she fails to live up to his expectations. Their relationship should overcome these challenges if they want it to survive and last long.

Final Thoughts

Truth is, the Leo man and Virgo woman couple can work their relationship out, as they have a lot to offer each other. Basically, the former can make the latter feel good about herself, while the latter can devote herself to his success. When they are truly in love, this love compatibility can make for a very good team, given that both of them need to understand each other’s needs and make allowances. If the Leo man will be able can learn patience and the Virgo woman will be able to build some confidence, their love compatibility can last a lifetime.

-Flow Psychology Editor