Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility


Just how compatible are a Leo woman and a Sagittarius man? Let’s put it this way: she completes him and he completes her.

Now, there’s always a danger when two fire signs get together because it can be total chaos. But believers in the power of love ruling over all will always give these lovers a chance. And hey, if they believe it too and fight for it, why can’t they stay together right?

Knowing they are a good match for each other raises questions about how it could be so.

Well, here’s the gist: There’s instant attraction between both parties. She’s the life of the party and he’s got enough charm to get her attention. He will challenge her with his mental acuity to which she will no doubt be able to keep up with. As such, their interest in each other just heightens because they can have a conversation.

A Leo woman likes taking the lead, and when she wants to take the relationship further, he is more than willing to follow. Now, a potential problem is on the rise here given the flighty nature of the Sagittarius man. However, given the ways of a Leo woman, she definitely knows how to keep him interested and willing to go on this journey together.

The Leo Woman

The lion represents the Leo sign and we all know just how fierce these creatures are. But apart from that, we also know they are dominant and are the kings and queens of the jungle. This translates to the person born under the sign of the lion as well.

Leo’s make a grand entrance and they are not hard to miss. They have this aura of power to them that is just immediately attractive. On top of that, they are warm, enthusiastic and friendly.

As natural born leaders, they are able to draw followers to them with ease. Despite this, they do work well with others and play the role of motivator. Leo is a Sun sign and as such, is energetic, confident and outgoing. They are also ambitious and once they set their eyes on something, they will do whatever they can to get that. Although they have a dominant nature, Leo’s can be really generous, loyal and honorable.

Those born under Leo are born under a Fixed sign. This simply means that they are opinionated and stubborn which can be very difficult to get along with. Again, once they make a decision, it’s pretty hard to talk them out of what they just made their mind up on. Another bad thing is that they always think they are right which usually spells disaster in relationships, especially when the other party can’t argue their case. This is why they need a partner who can tame the flames, so to speak, by being gentle. But isn’t a Sagittarius man equally fiery as well?

The Sagittarius Man

A Sagittarius man is born under a Fire sign. Yes, that is one fiery person right there but above all things, they are also represented by the Archer-Centaur, which in Roman mythoogy is a very intellectual person.

So a Sagittarius has a love of learning. He always seeks truth, beauty and wisdom. Knowledge is very important to him and he is keenly interested in philosophy, religion as well as the meaning of everything. He is a logical thinker who always sees the big picture. They love to listen and will hear what you have to say after which they will process the information then come up with their own conclusions.

What this all means is that when paired with a Leo woman, he will most definitely hear her out. She may be fiery but now she is faced with a man who is willing to listen to what she has to say before saying something himself.

A Sagittarius man is also a born leader, a given considering he is ruled by Jupiter. He also possesses other needed leadership qualities, such as being generous and just.

A man born under the Sagittarius sign also has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. As such, they can b easily distracted as they want to know everything. This is where the Leo woman needs to use her charm and smarts in coming up with ways to keep her man from straying.

A Match Made in Heaven?

Put simply, YES, a Leo woman and a Sagittarius man are so compatible with each other. Conversations are key in a lasting relationship and both can definitely talk. He will have all the ideas to share and she will be able to keep up with that. When two people can have a good conversation with each other at the beginning of a relationship, that’s always a good sign for the road ahead. Communication matters and here are two signs that clearly show they can discuss different issues.

While a Sagittarius man is easily distracted, it is most likely because he has found something to learn about. Being the smart person that she is, a Leo woman can surely find something that they can both be interested in. This way, they can both have a shared experience. Remember, Leo women are ambitious and know how to get what they want. If she wants to be with a Sagittarius man, she will find ways to make that happen.

It’s clear from this that a Leo woman and a Sagittarius man are mentally compatible. It gets even better for them as they are also sexually compatible. The male in the relationship has all the knowledge on how to turn things up while the female knows how to maximize that pleasure. Both of them are sexual beings and will do what it takes to keep things interesting between the sheets.

Now, surely no one is THIS compatible, right? Yes, that’s true. A lioness is proud and wounding her ego is tough, which the Sagittarius man is capable of doing. In short, compromise plays a huge part in the success of this relationship.

-Flow Psychology Editor