Overcoming Stagefright


Stage fright is very common in stage performers especially to those individuals who are new such kind of job. Even some of professional performers can experience this problem while performing in front of several audiences. Stage fright can be prevented. And in order to overcome it, the individuals who are experiencing extreme nervous and fear in the stage presentations should learn how to relax their minds and bodies while facing a group of audiences. In this article, the four different ways of overcoming stagefright will be discussed to help the stage performers in improving their performances while in the middle of a special stage presentation.

There are some effective ways in overcoming stagefright even in the actual day or schedule of a stage performance. First step to do is to relax the body. Stage performers who are experiencing stage fright can feel something unpleasant in the different parts of their body while preparing for a huge stage presentation. These unpleasant feelings may destruct them at the start of their presentation. To relax their bodies while in a stage presentation, stage performers should ease the tension in their bodies. One good way to do this is to eat a banana before the presentation.

Banana helps to lessen the nauseous feeling of stage performers while performing because it will not make them too full. Aside from eating a banana before the presentation, overcoming stage fright can be achieved also through stretching. Stage performers may stretch their arms, shoulders, legs and back before a stage performance to eliminate the tensions in their body while preparing for their scheduled presentation. Chewing a gum while in the middle of a presentation can also help to lessen the tension in the jaw of a person while performing in front of many people. These simple tips should not be ignored for many stage performers have already proven the positive benefits of these solutions.

Another way of overcoming stagefright is to meditate. Before a stage presentation, stage performers may try to meditate first for about fifteen to twenty minutes in a very silent place where fresh air is present. While meditating, a stage performer can easily achieved great relaxation by closing their eyes and focusing on their breathing. Meditation can help them to relax the different parts of the body while resting in a very comfortable place. The most important way of overcoming the nervousness caused by stagefright is to avoid caffeine.

As much as possible, stage performers should not take foods and beverages containing caffeine for it may increase their level of nervousness in the middle of stage presentations. Caffeine is always present in soft drinks and coffee. Therefore, stage performers should avoid drinking coffee and soft drinks if their main target is to make all their presentations good and free from nervousness. Overcoming stagefright is not an easy thing to do. But, if the stage performers are always punctual, more preparations can be done to stop their nervousness and unpleasant feelings before their presentations.

Hopefully the given tips for overcoming this problem of stage performers may help them improve their performance in the future as professional artists and stage performers.

-Flow Psychology Editor