Pisces Woman and Cancer Man Love Compatibility


It’s not advisable to base your relationship decisions on your and your partner’s astrological signs. However, it’s also not wise to completely discount your signs and think that they don’t matter. Your astrological signs can at the very least give you a glimpse as to what your relationship would be like, so it’s important to give them ome thought before making a commitment.

If you’re a Pisces woman who’s in love with a Cancer man (or vice versa), this guide is for you.

The Pisces Woman

Who is the Pisces woman? Well, she’s usually the person in a group who’s labeled as “the dreamer”, which comes from the fact that she’s interested in things that are beyond the physical reality, such as dreams, emotions, imagination, and spirituality. The Pisces woman finds it easy to see patterns among events and people’s behavior, which allows her to draw insights that others don’t usually get. This, in turn, makes her emotionally sensitive, and she comes across as kind and caring since she’s highly concerned about the welfare of other people.

The Pisces woman is highly interested in knowing the meaning of life, making her right person to be with if you want to talk about the metaphysical. Her rich inner life and her whimsical ideas make her an excellent singer, dancer, or painter.

The Cancer Man

If there’s one person who embodies the crab, it’s the Cancer man (which isn’t really surprising since the crab is his sign). He appears tough and aloof at first glance, but don’t be fooled — that’s just his hard outer shell, which is designed to protect him from hurtful words. He is highly sensitive, and a tactless remark will send him scuttling back into his shell. He’s also moody (which is influenced by the Moon, which rules his sign), so it’s not surprising to see him confident one minute then nervous the next.

Don’t be put off by the Cancer man, though. Once you get under his shell and show that you mean no harm, he’ll find it easier to express himself and show his warm, affectionate side. The Cancer man is a polite gentleman, and he’s quite the romantic once he finds the right partner.

Their Compatibility

The Pisces woman and Cancer man can build one of the strongest relationships in the world. They may start out with a rocky and fragile beginning but, if they truly love and understand each other, they can be on their way to a great relationship that can last for decades.

One of the things that hold them together is their emotional sensitivity. The Pisces woman is highly attuned to her feelings, as is the Cancer man (who albeit hides his emotions under a tough exterior). They’re not afraid to dance from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other; they can be the happiest couple in the world one day and the angriest and saddest people the next. Still, the fact that they can understand each other’s moods allows them to stick together through ups and downs.

The Pisces woman’s ability to stay calm despite her turbulent emotions can soothe the Cancer man when he goes through rough times. The shrewd and practical mind of the Cancer man, meanwhile, balances the Pisces woman’s tendency to focus on emotions alone and allows their relationship to sail through everyday problems and financial issues.

-Flow Psychology Editor