Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility


The relationship of the Taurus man and Aquarius woman can be a bit of a struggle getting off the ground. This is because the Taurus man has a personality that is romantic and loving but on top of that he is so possessive to his beloved. In contrast, the Aquarius woman is an emotionally aloof individual who fights for freedom regardless of the cost.

Issues Regarding Differences

Both partners are said to have notable differences. They want to have different things in life and they have different ways of approaching life. Thus, they have varied ways of handling emotions, dealing with families, and handling money. Moreover, they don’t agree greatly on things which can be fine if they are just friends. However, this can pose a problem when they are already in a relationship. This is because they can niggle over little decisions that should quickly conclude any affection.

Compatibility Issues

The compatibility of both the Taurus man and Aquarius woman should come with an open mind. This is because the male has a different perspective than the female counterpart. Basically, the Taurus man seeks to have a comfortable and stable life with a partner that he can spend life with. Meanwhile, the Aquarius woman is not certain on what she is actually looking for. A conventional relationship is obviously not her cup of tea.

The Aquarius Woman

Naturally, the Aquarius woman is unconventional in her own way. More so, she is eccentric and insistent on her rules and her moral sense. As she keeps her emotions short, she is not necessarily the most faithful. This basically drives her Taurus man crazy. The Aquarius woman is also a very independent person in which she just doesn’t adapt well to traditional and conservative expectations of the Taurus man.

The Taurus Man

The unpredictable nature of the Aquarius woman has been one of the fears of the Taurus man. As he is not certain on what she will do next, it scares him than it excites him. The routines and lifestyle of the Taurus man, however, should make the Aquarius woman feeling suffocated and stifled. Accordingly, their compatibility will eventually be a struggle amid the unconventional and conventional personalities.

Relationship Woes

Even as they both can have an agreement in their relationship, they will eventually figure out their differences. However, they can go into constant renegotiations in an awkward fashion, but it can still happen. Their compatibility can work best when both of them are upfront and open regarding what they could offer, what they could disagree, and what they would want from each other.

In time, both of them can get sick of each other and it will be the Aquarius woman who will break free from the relationship. However, she would hope that she would still remain friends with the Taurus man. As a result, he will become heartbroken as he is unable to tame the wild creature that she is. Moreover, it is not his nature to remain friends with his ex, as he will not permit it due to his jealousy. So after they decide to break up, it will be good as over.

-Flow Psychology Editor