Ted Bundy Psychological Profile


Ted Bundy may be the most known sexual psychopath in history. Although he had a good life ahead of him, some issues in his life still affected his entire being. Thus, the murders he committed.

Who is Ted Bundy?

In the Ted Bundy psychological profile, Bundy is described as a serial killer who has killed 30 women in five years. The last of the murders he committed was ones that were done after he escaped his trial for the other murders he did. He was caught for violating the traffic rules for two times during the time he had just killed some women. But both of the accounts along with the gathered forensic evidence have helped in making the connection in the killings he committed.

He was a sexual psychopath. In appearance, Bundy was described as an attractive man. He was also smart and was leading a future in politics when it was believed he started killing women. In the history of United States, he is considered as the most productive serial killer. During the time when he was on trial, Bundy insisted his innocence until his death. His trial was one that lasted for a long time. And because of the tricks he used to delay the trial, the longer it took to finish it. The thing was the last of his tricks no longer affected the authorities handling the trial.

Due to his failed plan, it resulted in the world getting a glimpse of his evil side. In the Ted Bundy psychological profile, he was described as one who was suffering a chronic mental disorder along with a violent or abnormal social behavior. As a person diagnosed as a sexual psychopath, he manifested sexually sadistic behavior, meaning he hurts his victims sexually.

From the Ted Bundy psychological profile, it was stated that he was an intelligent man, but one who was very insecure. This insecurity was primarily because of the inferior feeling he had then, which was caused by his lack of wealth that he felt more because of being surrounded by his wealthy classmates. He was also shy. In an evaluation done later, it showed that he strongly depends on women and he feared of getting humiliated in his relationships with the opposite sex.

Even when he was just in high school, Bundy already started with his crimes that included shoplifting and burglary. He also had records of sexually assaulting women that soon led to attacking and killing.

Based on the files and Ted Bundy psychological profile made, there was one thing that was revealed about the women he killed. There was a pattern. The women were all single, white and thin. It was likely since back then women were not going out or helping men who have a different race. Killers then were also targeting people in their same race. It was also seen that his victims came from different states, giving the conclusion that he had his own access to vehicles. It was believed that Bundy’s triggers into killing were the thought of getting dumped by his college sweetheart, the one that also caused him to get depressed. There was also the fact that he found out his true mother, who he believed as his own sister. Rumors also had it that Bundy’s father was the one he believed was his grandfather.

-Flow Psychology Editor