Sagittarius Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility


The fiery passion, charisma, and strength of the male archer will be a natural draw for the female fish, while her intuitiveness, mystery, and deep emotions will fascinate him. The attraction between the male Sagittarius and female Pisces will be a strong one, but the differences in their personalities will make it tricky for them to have a relationship that will last.

The Positive

Once a Sagittarius male takes interest in a Pisces female, he will pursue her for the long term because he is determined and even manipulative in making things happen. The lady fish is one to love deeply and passionately, and when she finds someone she is attracted to or who she cares for, she makes that person the center of her universe. And since both have the same desire to feel secure and loved in a relationship, they can fill each one’s needs on this spectrum.

As for action in the bedroom, things get going pretty quick as both tend to be attracted to each other sexually first, while the intellectual and emotional attraction usually follows. They are both passionate beings, so it can get pretty steamy and romantic in bed. And since the Sagittarius man can get creative between the sheets and the Pisces lady is willing to do anything to please her partner, they are highly compatible in this aspect of the relationship.

The charming male Sagittarius can also bring out the lighter side of the female Pisces, as he will know how to tease and tickle her to make her laugh and feel more carefree. At the same time, he will be captivated by her views and ideas on subjects which they are both interested in, creating a deeper connection between them.

The Negative

For Sagittarius male and Pisces female love relationships, many challenges will arise because each one will have to face the personal flaws of their partner. Most individuals who have been a part of this union were not able to stay together for very long because they found it too difficult to accept and adjust to the traits of their partner that were the complete opposite of theirs.

The Sagittarius man’s wanderlust, spontaneity, high energy, and extroversion can be difficult for the Pisces woman to handle as she is someone who needs stability, reassurance, and sensitivity, and is introverted. He also might not be able to handle her emotional ups and downs and tendency to hide and get lost in her emotions and can hurt her with his bluntness or straightforwardness. Her shyness and quiet reserve that attracted him to her in the beginning might also become an issue later on, as the male Sagittarius enjoys socializing and being out there in the world.

The Conclusion

If they want to make their relationship work, the female Pisces needs to be willing to let her Sagittarius man go out and have some freedom, while he must assure her of his faithfulness and commitment. They have the ability to balance each other and to please and provide the wants of their partner, but they will also have to work very hard on being more patient and accepting of their differences, and they must be willing to meet half way.

-Flow Psychology Editor