How to Cope with Caffeine Withdrawal


There are numerous people who finds drinking coffee a great way of relaxation that gives them energy making them awake for a longer time. This coffee contains caffeine that is also known as 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine that is being added to other drinks which gives distinctive taste. It takes 30 to 45 minute for the body able to absorb caffeine then 3 hours in wearing off.

But, the more you intake coffee or any other beverages that contains caffeine such as soda and energy drink, you are prone to suffer caffeine withdrawal. These illness symptoms will give you terrifying hard time, you will be shock how this will affect your soul and body. There are numerous symptoms of addiction and caffeine withdrawal that are seemingly related that usually begins after an hour after drinking caffeine’s daily dose that contains intensity level according to how often and how much you take this booster drink.

The addictions symptoms affect the length of caffeine withdrawal which is commonly one day or a couple of days after quitting. Even if you already stop for a week or so, the effect may come back or kick easily so you need to takes extra care and be aware before your body suffer serious problems. The major symptoms that you may experience are headache that begins your back head. Since you’ve been dependent to caffeine, you will feel a lot more sluggish than usual. You will also feel irritated or irritable that is why it is highly recommended to avoid people for a while. You will also suffer from lethargy, constipation, depression, lack of concentration, flu-like symptoms, muscle stiffness and pain.

Now, the major question is on how you will be able to cope up or treat caffeine addiction? Well, every treatment varies differently from one person to another like caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Addiction to caffeine will be very challenging, coping with it will be difficult and its symptoms that comes along to it. Numerous people prefer getting health care provider from treatments center while others cope with it alone. One great way of starting the treatment at your own home is by reducing the amount of caffeine that you were taking in a day, slowly reduce it day by day until such that you will no longer dependent on it. It is not recommended to cut it off automatically because this will only make your coping method a lot complicated and impossible. This will surely avoid you from suffering harsh symptoms of caffeine withdrawal.

Below are list of simple tips that will help you in coping caffeine addiction on your own:

1. Eat healthy foods; you may consume crunchy snacks such as pretzels or popcorns. This will aid your body’s blood sugar level to become stable, a great way of maintaining your weight as well.

2. Drink healthy beverages, avoid sodas, energy drinks or any drinks that contains caffeine. Make sure to check the amount of caffeine in everything you take. You may consider taking fresh fruit juice and smoothies as great alternative, it also boost body’s natural energy that is good for your body.

3. Use herbal coffee since its free from caffeine that boost body’s nutrients without lacking for the flavor.

-Flow Psychology Editor