Scorpio Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility


There is a powerful and intense matchup between the Scorpio woman and the Leo Man. Based on the zodiac, they are both strong individuals so their love affair can never be peaceful and event-free. The question is on how the compatibility can sustain them in a lifetime together.

Magnetic Attraction and Chemistry

The attraction of water and fire signs is two of the most compatible, particularly when it comes to sexual matchups. In fact, both can create a steamy encounter in the bedroom being passionate and surprisingly tender at the same time. However, beyond their sexual partnership, compatibility can be very challenging.

The Scorpio Woman

Naturally, the Scorpio woman is known to be a spiteful and vengeful person when provoked. Combined with the roaring temper of the Leo man, their relationship should be played in great drama. On top of that, the Leo man is also known to be bossy, while the Scorpio woman is noted for getting her own way. Although she can’t win outright against her man, who is autocratic and bossy in nature, she can still get victorious through subtle manipulation of her partner.

The Leo Man

Being an egotistical and proud person, the Leo man wants a mate who will adore him absolutely. The problem is that the Scorpio woman would never bend down to flattery in which she fails to give support that the Leo man seeks to find. In turn, she also seeks to find a partner who never fears to explore deep emotions and who can travel with her during her moody conditions.

As the Leo man is ruled by the Sun, he can’t succumb to that. In fact, he needs to bring light and love and laughter to his own world. Thus, he can’t understand that this is not sufficient for the Scorpio woman. Due to their very varied emotional filters, their compatibility can be a bit unstable and edgy.

Compatibility Issues

The fixed signs of both partners indicate that neither of them would want to make the first move to surrender. However, they also have strong similarity in terms of personality traits in which the Leo as a fire sign and the Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars that is a bringer of war and fire. No wonder, the Scorpio woman has fire traits which help them in understanding the relationship to be tempestuous.

Their relationship is just like a match of fire and fire signs. Nevertheless, they have an added complication particularly on very emotional watery conditions. For them, their dramatic partnership could turn out to be profound. Although they find it hard to get along well when they are together, considering being apart is unimaginable for them.

If both of them should want to be together, one of them needs to give in at times just to keep the relationship work. However, if both of them will continue to follow their strong zodiac personalities, both of them are bound to fail in the long run.

-Flow Psychology Editor