Scorpio Man and Taurus Woman Love Compatibility


The zodiac signs Scorpio and Taurus are what are called fixed signs, that is, they are both principled and hardheaded. On the other hand, they are also opposite signs. That being the case, a relationship between a Scorpio man and a Taurus woman can either be complementary or contradictory. But with the saying that opposites attract, there might be a big chance for this to work but definitely, not without extra effort.

Scorpio Man and Taurus Woman

A Scorpio man is emotional and intense. He is also perceptive and has the skill to read other people’s intentions and motives. Generally, he is caring and serious in his relationships but he can also be suspicious and protective of his woman. He is also not happy being lied to or fooled that if he gets upset, there can be some dark qualities in him that will simply be out in the open, like his anger.

The Taurus woman, on the other hand, is calm and is mild-mannered. She does not enjoy engaging in a conflict and down-to-earth. At times she can be shy, especially in meeting new people, but she can be a good conversationalist once she has warmed up to it. Her other qualities include being loyal, devoted and supportive.

These traits make both the Scorpio man and the Taurus woman attracted to each other. Not being fond of too much drama when it comes to other people being emotional, the male Scorpio is drawn to the female Taurus because of her level-headedness and somewhat sophisticated behavior. Conversely, the mystique aura of the Scorpio male is what the Taurus female finds attractive. By complementing each other with their traits, a relationship between the two is most likely to work.

Sexual Compatibility

With Water and Earth together, there is something highly emotional and sexual about these two. Both are sensual people that they both want their intimate moments to be exciting, passionate and full of love. They both long for an active and fully expressed sex life that this common desire makes their union wonderful. However, there is a difference between the two when it comes to how they look at sex. The Taurus woman regards sex as something physical and related to the five senses while the Scorpio man sees it as a spiritual experience. They have this physical bond that makes their relationship even stronger and this is expressed in the bedroom.

On Arguments

The Scorpio male is secretive and is good at hiding his true emotions while the Taurus female is rational and practical. This can be a cause of problem if he will not be able to communicate with her and just leave her confused. On the other hand, the female Taurus should learn to accept that she might not be able to learn all about her man. And since she can be stubborn, she might try so hard to know more to the point that she will manifest the bull in her. This is where arguments can set in and knowing that a Scorpio man has the skill to manipulate another into believing everything is fine, there can be a problem. But if the Taurus female will learn to accept the Scorpio male’s secrets, they can have a relationship to work for a lifetime.

The relationship between this two signs is not an easy one but if both will be willing to make an effort, the relationship can be a lasting one.

-Flow Psychology Editor