Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility


A Scorpio man is very passionate with an inspective and clever mind, which holds true in love and everything he does. Being a strong and mysterious individual, he would be constantly searching for power, but he is quite loyal to his loved ones and can also handle pretty much of any situation on his own. He is also suspicious, intense and quite jealous. Though he is very good at hiding deep emotions and is retracted at times, he can also be the best man a woman can have, with his humble words and burning passion.

As for the Scorpio woman, she is typically alluring and mysterious, which can be told with her gestures, as well as proud of what she believes in at times. Like her male counterpart, she does not show an abundance of emotions, especially when there are other people around, which mean that what she is portraying to be is not always what she is actually feeling deep inside. Her seduction would precede her and would surface if her partner knows what to look for, only allowing dominance in her partner at least at the start of the relationship and then manipulating things to go her way later on.

When a Scorpio man and Scorpio woman engage in a relationship, they would make intense lovers who want emotional involvement from it. Given that they share similarities, they will certainly get it from one another, though it is important to know that Scorpios typically needs a partner to complement to keep things interesting. If they are able to appreciate each other, there will be mutual respect and common goal in this love compatibility. Let us see how compatible they are.

The Good

When the Scorpio man dates a Scorpio woman, both of them would be able to understand each other’s needs, as they share the same qualities and emotional connection. As there will be a lot of deep emotions found within them, their relationship will have some mystery that will attract one to the other and wanting to come back for more.

As the Scorpio Zodiac sign typically desires to love and be loved passionately, this match-up will be full of passion because Scorpios are known to love with more purity and sensuality. While the man prefers to remain at home to create a sanctuary, instead of venturing off each night to discover new social settings, the woman would also want the same thing and would be able to provide him with the lifestyle that he prefers.

Also, both the man and woman in this match-up would enjoy each other’s company and conversations, where they do not need to use words all the time in order to express their feelings. This love match is capable of emotional and physical love, where their activities inside the bedroom will be profound. When it comes to lovemaking, both partners will be able to fulfill the sexual needs and desires of the other.

Being able to understand each other’s needs without using words would be the strongest point of this love compatibility, though both the man and woman need to establish more balance.

The Bad

As both the Scorpio man and Scorpio woman tend to hide some true feelings that could never be shown to each other, when they argue, neither one would learn to compromise and fully address the problem at hand. They tend to develop a false sense of pride and refuse to admit defeat, which can bring their relationship crumbling to the ground. While they believe that keeping certain feelings a secret is key to winning, they should know that communication is the actual foundation of a strong (and lasting) love relationship.

Also, this Zodiac sign is notoriously known for being stubborn, where even they know that they are wrong, they still would not back down from an argument just to keep their pride intact. This means that when the Scorpio man tries to argue a point with his Scorpio woman, there would be no way to tell who will win in the end. But if they want to work things out, then they need to learn to give in at certain times.

Another big problem that can occur in this pairing is cause by their qualities of being dominating and possessive, where both the man and woman love to gain full control over a situation or their lives. In marriage, it will be very difficult for the couple to decide who will lead. However, they can address this by dividing the responsibilities at home between themselves, which will make them feel like they have total control over some things.

When the negative aspects of life surface, everything in this relationship would come to a full stop, where simple arguments cannot just be swept aside and let to sink on their own. However, the bond that would form between the man and woman Scorpio is amazing on various levels.

Making Things Work

The relationship between a Scorpio man and Scorpio woman is one that is very intense and sensational, with all emotions at high levels. Once both partners decide to engage in a relationship and be involved in each other’s world, they would find immense similarities in their dreams and approaches, which give them an easy and comfortable time with one another. Trust should be a huge factor in this pairing, along with complete honesty, though this couple need not worry about infidelity because Scorpios are loyal, which is one of their finest virtues. Also, their devotion and willingness to protect each other is unprecedented, thus are something that both of them can count on.

One thing that can destroy this beautiful relationship is the inability of both partners to exercise serious compromise and forgiveness. It is important that things causing arguments should be appeased sufficiently and quickly, or they could lead to severe damage. All in all, these Scorpios should stay positive and concentrate on their good qualities to ensure all things will flow easily their way.

-Flow Psychology Editor