6 Sagittarius Strengths and Weaknesses


Each sign of the Zodiac has an implication for people born within its birth months. Just like any others, those born under Sagittarius have been linked to some characteristics or qualities that fit their personalities. To know more about Sagittarians, here are some strengths and weaknesses that serve as guide in understanding their ups and downs.

List of Strengths of Sagittarius

1. Freedom Rather than Money
Their nature of loving people with great energy and brings excitement to their lives is what makes them dynamic individuals. Also they value freedom more compared to money. This is because they hate being governed by others or those with authority. To them, their freedom allows them to make their own choices.

2. Honesty is Best Policy
They may not be the most likable people in the world, but they keep the value of honesty and being open to others. More so, they are known to do anything for the benefit of their friends but never expecting in return. Aside from that, they’re very outspoken and good sense of humor. To top it all, they are never afraid to let it all out.

3. Never Influenced by Others
These individuals are never influenced nor controlled by other people. This is because they are self- sufficient and they think for themselves. Likewise, they are very straightforward as they hope for the direct situation. Most of all, they can be at their best even under duress. This is partly due to their ability to think out of the box and to apply good judgment in order to cope with anything.

List of Weaknesses of Sagittarius

1. Often Lack Patience
Their nature of trying to make things happen often lead to losing patience. Since they won’t let good chances to pass them by, it is often in their nature to seek for fast outcomes without waiting patiently. Consequently, they end up being exhausted when they come up with less success.

2. Do Things Carelessly
Sagittarians are known not as good organizers, but the other way around. Oftentimes, they do things without planning in advance or doing based on impulse alone. At the same time, they do not listen to anyone’s opinion but themselves. Aside from talking excessively, they are also boastful and irresponsible as they perform things without caring or thinking about consequences.

3. They Get Bored Quickly
As they become bored quite easily, Sagittarians don’t focus on anything for long. Since they abhor boredom, they often lack consistency. If they find a project to be without challenge, they will leave that project without finishing it and won’t care for it anymore. Moreover, they are haters of commitment, as they fear to be bound. For them to function well, they should have ample space. As they seek adventure or excitement most of the time, they seldom get bored.

Sagittarius people often get misunderstood because only a little information have been known about them. In fact, having a Sagittarian friend can sometimes be a challenge for some people who lack the knowledge about them. The strengths and weaknesses mentioned here should provide you with ample information and let you understand them more.

-Flow Psychology Editor