Playing the Victim


Everyone has different personality traits that make them who they are. Some people tend to be more emotionally weak than others, while others tend to cope well with stress. It all depends on your mental makeup and how you choose to respond. It is important to remember that no two people are the same. Playing the victim is something that many emotionally weak people tend to do when things do not go their way. You need to make sure that you are aware of the signs that will alert you of people that tend to play the victim. Here are a few signs that you will likely notice when someone is trying to play the victim.

Do Not Take Responsibility

The one constant with people that tend to play the victim is a lack pf responsibility. This means that they are always looking to place the responsibility for any situation on to others. This is a classic sign of victim behavior. People that play the victim do not have the ability to accept the role that they play in any situation. This means that they always try to pin things on other people. Pointing the finger at others allows you to take the accountability off of yourself. It is a lot easier to feel sorry for yourself if you lay the blame on others. This is the main reason why people that play the victim tend to never acknowledge their own responsibility in any situation.

Stagnant in Life

People that play the victim also tend to be frozen in their life. This is because they have the belief that they have no control over their own circumstance and are simply at the mercy of everyone else. This results in them not getting ahead or changing their current situation in any real way. They never make any change that is positive because they feel that they do not have the ability to affect their current situation in any real way. This means that the only way change will occur is if a person starts to make small changes that will eventually lead to bigger changes as a result.


Another sign of those people that play the victim is the ability to hold onto a grudge. These type of people are not very willing to forgive and are the type to hold onto feelings that are negative and unhealthy for your mental well being.

-Flow Psychology Editor